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Ok here is the update since last time.....

From Victroria Falls I went to Kasane which is near Chobe River and National Park.  On the way we saw vultures eating a dead donkey on the side of the road from his bum and his gums....really cool but totally gross!  We waited int he game park for some buffalos to cross the road for about 45 mins...not really sure why they were crossing the road, lol!

There are 80,000 elephants in Chobe national park and we saw 5...bad luck!  But we did see 3 cross from an island to the other side of the river and play and frolic in the water...v cool.  And one had a v itchy bottom and kept rubbing it on trees, v cute :-)

We also saw warthog and impala babies that were only a few days old and v cute :-)

From there we went into the Okavango delta which was v interesting.  We did a lot mof wandering around on walking safaris without weapons looking for animals.  It was cool because there could be a lion or anything anywhere.  We saw a giraffe, a few elephants, some impala and wildebeast.  We got poled out there by locals in a dug out canoe which I was loving as it is v relaxing until mine sank :-( luickily nothing got wet but it would have dried in no time because it was so so hot...almost too hot for even me.

There was awesome sunsets in the delta and we went on a sunset cruise in the mokoros and got charged at by a hippo which was v v scary as hippos kill the largest amount of people in Africa each year.  I was absolutley packing myself and made my poler take me far away from the pond because she said the hippo sould come down the tributory we were in...ahhh!!

We stopped at tiny village on the way to the delta because our guide forgot tea, coffee and sugar so we got to see a traditionl local was really good a lot of people live in mud and dung huts and even tents but it was very clean and the children were v friendly.  We also ate warthog for dinner one night which tasted more like a cross between lamb and pork but some of it was a biut chewy and grissly, yuk! but i was glad I tried :-)

Ok am in Namibia now.  The fisrt night we stayed at a really cool campsite and I upgraded and stayed in this v cool treehouse room.  It was right on the river and there was a hippo in the river belowing all night and sounded like he was right outside our room.  The room was open to the front so I could wake up and see across the was beautiful.  I also swan int he river in the worlds first hippo and cros proof swim cage.  It was v cool to swim a few meters from hippos and know that there could be crocs around.  This place also had the coolest toilets and showers ever.  All without roofs but each with a theme.  There was a toilet with a view, toilet of eden, his and hers toilet (2 so you can go side by side with someone which is a bit wierd), and 2 baths on with views over looking the hippos in the river.  All the showesr had hot water too....lovely.  We had out own toilet and shower in our treehouse....sweeeet!!

I am now in Etosha national park and have seen loads of game over the last 48 hours.  They have these watering holes near the campsites and last night we went to site there and watch the animals come drink.  It was v cool, we saw 4 rhino, an elephant and then 10 giraffe come to drink all at once.  Also some smaller stuff like a jackal and a hyena.  Yesterday we also saw a huge herd of elephant with some tiny tiny babies that were so cute :-)

Apart from that I am feeling much better.  My stomach is cured after a dose of anti-biotics.  I did manage to shred my knee whilst ont he mokoros in the delta and they are both covered in scratches.

Also the facilites are getting much better the further south and west we go.  In Uganda the bread was awful and v sweet but in Namibia they have the loveliest bread and right now I am about to go chow down on something nice a the bakery I am at...yum :-)

I am still enjoying the trip but starting to get v excited about being home, and sleeping in a bed and eating what I want wehn I want and even being able to go to the toilet and have a shower whne I want.

I hope everyone is well, would love to hear from you and vv sorry to all the people I haven;t written back to yet but I will soon :-0

Love Fiona xxx

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photo by: marg_eric