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The post office inside corner store

I have been resting my travel legs for a few nights here at an RV park near the Cherokee National Forest. It just so happens this weekend an Native American celebration will be taking place here, so I look forward to being a part of that gathering . Coincidentally, I just began a bio about Crazy Horse yesterday that I picked up on the road over here at a great used book store in Ocoee, another reason to drive backroads...

Today I took a bike ride down the road, approx 5 miles, to a little town called Reliance. This town of a few houses and a corner store sits along side of the Hiwasee River. The Hiwasee River is a swift moving white water river lined with trees and a railroad that runs along side.

My trek was well worth it!  I met a very interesting woman working at the Reliance corner store named Inez.

She was sitting in a rocking chair sewing on some NASCAR fabric. I made a comment about her sewing and asked if she were making curtains... she replied that it was a pillow for her grand daughter, that she also was a big fan of John Deere tractors. Her sewing was amazing... cute little black and white NASCAR pictures were gathered to make the frilly, outside part of the pillow.

As it turns out Inez worked for a sewing company in Benton, a few miles up the road, although she relocated to live there and work. She and her family were born in Reliance, and owned land on the other side of the Hiwasee. Her father worked for a lumber company as did most of the people who lived there. She said they had to live close to work since transportation consisted of horse drawn carriage.

A building used as a school, mason gathering place and church
She talked about not having much, not even milk to feed the babies when times where rough. She spoke of being physically close to her family and that being a very good thing. Her father built all his children homes on the family property. 

I wanted to talk to her more... ask her more questions...but the setting sun was beginning to make it's way over the mountains, and I knew I had a ride through the hills back to my home.

Upon leaving I did thank her, telling her that it is great to hear about other people's lives... she said, "I have had a wonderful life." I believe her!

By our standards in this land of plenty...a life like that Inez lived is hard to conceptualize...I was thankful for the brief time I spent with her, a true history lesson.

This is a great website that provides more information about the history of Reliance with many great photos!

Audrey62 says:
I enjoyed the story about Inez and the great pictures. Mom
Posted on: Oct 18, 2007
Sha_aan_Bolima says:
Interesting about the Cracy Horse book.
I just finished a road trip from Tacoma to Michigan.
I stopped into the Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota,a work in progress for many years.
I recommend you either visit, or maybe vist via internet.
Posted on: Oct 12, 2007
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The post office inside corner store
The post office inside corner store
A building used as a school, mason…
A building used as a school, maso…
The Hiwasee River with all of its …
The Hiwasee River with all of its…
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