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Farmers Market outside Whiteville

I travel the back roads for several reasons:

My RV, although very trustworthy, is a little aging, an 89' no spring chick for sure, so the top speed on a flat surface would be 50-55 mph, throw in a few hills...your looking at 45-50 max... so, I prefer smaller roads, because I don't have to deal with people hauling rear who are thinking... geez this is a freeway for crying out loud...move that hunk of... well anyway you get my point. On small roads I do have to pull over occasionaly to let cars pass, but there are also tractors driving on these roads so, people are a little more understanding.

Highways have been bought and sold to the highest bidder, in other words.. miles and miles of roadway and they all look the same... Chain fast-food of all shapes and prepackaged sizes, and when I travel these roads I have been known to dabble in the plastic food arena.

Yes... hard to believe to some that know me well... I ate at Mick-e-Dees, and the price of my burger seems to be the same as it was back in the day ... the whole sandwhich just got smaller, tastes the same though! Gas is cheaper on the highways however...

When traveling the backroads you get to meet awesome people...

Take for instance Ray.  I met Ray at a famer's market outside Whiteville Tennessee. He was a man of 50ish age, a grey beard, wore wire-rimmed glasses that encircled his friendly blue eyes and a tee shirt referencing something biblical...

Ray was a potter and had quite a great assortment of clay works that he had produced. The one I liked most was a little pot that has the word JOY on it...he was most gracious, said he is still learning to do pottery and that one day he would like to open a shop in Murphy, North Carolina, next to some white water rivers.

He said that was his dream.

Ray offered extensive help with locating the best place to get where I was going, telling me detours that I should take and road construction too. He sent me on my way with a complimentary bottle of Anderson's Apple Cider, from a local orchard, and his business card in case I ran into trouble within a reasonable distance. Kindness, utter kindness... I wanted to give him something, but not knowing what I just gave him a huge smile... he seemed to like that just fine.

Now, I doubt I would have met a man like Ray on the interstate...


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Farmers Market outside Whiteville
Farmers Market outside Whiteville
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