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Well... Here I am only one day to go before my trip to Mexico....

I wish I could say "all my bags are packed, Im ready to go" but NO.. Im actually not ready to go anywhere, These past months has been a race to finish renovating my 2 bedroom appartment in Copenhagen... And Im so close but yet still so far from finishing.... I almost cancelled this trip but decided to work some more hours and hopefully finish the appartment soon!!! But you still cant do anything about when alot of the work also depends on other people... like electricians :(  so right now I have an almost finished appartment but without any electricity.. Nice huh!!!

But I have decided that Im gonna pack my stuff later tonight, just around 6 hours before my long flight to Atlanta and Cancun... I also think that sometimes its also alot easier to pack when you are a little more stressed... but anyway you always end up forgetting something in the end no matter how much or little time you have to pack!!!!

Well.... I was just sitting here on my last graveyard shift before my vacation will start in 2 hours and thought that I could start writing a little something that had been going on up until now, when my vacation finally came... I will chek back later... or maybe first tomorrow!!!

RacquelT127 says:
i agree.. i find it easier sometimes to pack last minute.. that stress gives you the adrenaline to get the job done. but then often times I end up not packing something i was supposed to. so good luck to you friend, and may you pack anything and everything you need for this fabulous trip to Mexico =)
Posted on: Nov 29, 2007
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photo by: the_bill