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Early this morning we had breakfast in a little town called "WEED".. lol.. thought that was kinda funny to be in a town named after the happy stuff!!! So after a fairly descent meal and after filling gas on the car we yet again was on the road....

So after a long drive through the night and early morning from Seattle, we made it to to San Francisco about 15 hours later... The drive through Oregon at night was a rough one too, especially because of all the mountain areas and the roads zig zagging (is that a word) to the left and right....

But we made it... and after a little drive through the city we found our way down and parked the car at Fishermans Wharf, so we could do a little sightseeing.
... we walked down by the harbor and enjoyed the view of Alcatraz, and once again from my part... still no sign of the Golden Gate.. it was just to foggy over the bridge... hopefully I will get a chance again someday to see if my next visit to S.F will let me be so fortunate and show that bridge!!! After a long walk down at Fishermans Wharf we enden up at
"Bubba Gump Shrimp" to get a combined lunch/dinner thing......

So after a loooooong day in San Fran, we decided to hit the road and start driving towards L.A.. But while I was driving on the Bay Bridge I could just feel how my eyes got more and more heavy... So I asked my Mom if she could drive for a couple of hours, but she was pretty tired to and since we where the only ones with drivers license I really couldnt aske my sister or my brother in law. So after we got of the Bay Bridge it was just about finding the first place where we could stay, cause it was getting really critical with me almost falling a sleep behind the wheel.... But a couple of miles after the bridge we found this truck stop where we decided to stay for a couple of hours and then get some sleep... ahhhhhhhhh

RacquelT127 says:
too bad you guys couldn't see the Golden Gate Bridge.. it's very pretty looking when it is visible.. and the weather allows.. it's breathtaking to walk across it =)
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
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