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"Excuse me.. could you please take our photo" hahaha!!!
So we finally made it to L.A around 1.pm and we drove directly to Burbank where we were gonna see The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. We drove down parked the car and went in to NBC tickets office to see if they still had some tickets for todays show. We were in luck... or were we?? but we got the tickets and they said that we should come in early in the cue. But that was still a couple of hours away so we drove around to see if we could find a place to stay for the night. After a while we found a motel where we booked 2 rooms for the night and then headed down to the NBC studios to get in line... I must say that waiting in line in that heat is s some of a test for a Scandinavian thats use to its always cold.
My Sister and Mom... So Happy!!
.. man..... I felt like I was melting..
I know that the on the pictures all of us are in the shade, but that shade disapeared after a while and then it was just sun sun sun sun.... So we bought something drink and a couple of sandwiches while we waited.. But when we get in it was like going from HOT to FREEZING COLD.... wooooow!!! man Im like only wearing shorts and t-shirt, so it got cold pretty quick... never the less its always fun to be at the Tonight Show... Jay Leno is a funny guy and I think that the others enjoyed it aswell.. so lets call it a succes!!!

After the show we drove back to the motel so we could check in for the night, but when we got there they only had 1 room left, and I asked how that could be possible and she said that I only booked 1 room... why would I do that when I know that we are 4 travelling... Well we drove off and looked for something else for the night!!! Cause tomorrow we where going to check out the Hollywood sign and pay Universal Studios a visit!!
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Excuse me.. could you please take…
"Excuse me.. could you please tak…
My Sister and Mom... So Happy!!
My Sister and Mom... So Happy!!
photo by: WalterC