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A quickie: I found a job as an applepicker in Stanthorpe, a shithole, erm, small place a couple of hours from Brisbane. I'm picking, packing and selecting apples 10 hours a day. I loath it during the day, but when the work's over I'm quite happy with the job. I've got some issues with the farmer, Wayne, or rather he has some issues with me. No worries there though, as I'm the master apple picker ;) I've packed more apples you, your family and your dog could eat in a lifetime, and picked even more.

Internet is an adventure here in hostel, as is cooking, watching tv and drinking alcohol (death penalty). Cooking is not allowed after 8pm (??) and watching tv is off the menu after 11. Right. "Because we're a strict working hostel and we don't want you to bother anyone (us) with watching tv". Naturally. I'm trying to get out of this place, but I'll have to survive it at least a couple of more days. A full blog on all my apple adventures will come later, as will the photo's, but I don't dare to open a picture, let alone upload one on this computer, as it will likely blow up.

Don't get mad if I'm not returning your emails, messages or smiles right away! It might take a while here.

Enjoy your daily lives in civilization :) And while you're at it, drink me a beer as I'm missing out bad at the moment. Heineken's preferred, but everything will do. Thanks heaps :)
JeAr says:
i get it. maybe some of Wayne's bitterness in life have rub off on the apples. glad u didn't eat them :D
Posted on: Apr 28, 2008
Ape says:
Them apples.. We were allowed to eat them, but to be honest, they were disgusting.. Really. Maybe they taste a bit better after they're washed and all shiny and everything, but straight of Wayne's trees.. no.
Posted on: Apr 27, 2008
JeAr says:
lol some master apple picker u are :P maybe Wayne thoguht u've been eating them apples :P
Posted on: Apr 25, 2008
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photo by: Hannah1982Bug