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00:20, January 1st, 2008

First update since the holidays! Even though it's been two weeks, I wish you all the best for the new year. May 2008 bring you health and happiness, and happy travels too ;) The holidays were a bit awkward for me this year: first time without the family, without the people you know and trust. Christmas and New Years eve made me aware of how blessed I am to have such a great family, and how I miss them. After calling my family on the first day of the new year, I had some really hard times coping with being seperated from them. I wouldn't want it anyway else at the moment, I'm having the time of my life, but I do miss them, my family and friends.

I spent Christmas in Melbourne, back after my Great Ocean Road/Adelaide trip.

I'm not totally sure if everyone got my last blog.. Maybe my story was a bit too cryptic. Ape is me, Jetstar the budget airlines, who would fly me from Adelaide to Melbourne, canceled the trip due to bad weather, and then hooked me up with a bed in the Hyatt Regency. Sweet. With that out of the way, lets move on to the next airline story, or rather, the airline story that never was. I booked a flight from Melbourne to Canberra, but due to the holiday season, the only flight that was available was the early morning one. No worries, I thought. I set my alarm clock and went to bed, followed by my worst hostel night so far; drunken italians singing in the streets, right under my window, people barging in and out of the room all night, not caring about doors left open and lights let on.
Them Turnbuills
I remember waking up a dozen times that night, the latest being around 5am. I fell asleep again, waking up two and a half hours later at 7:30. Of course, my flight left at 7:45.

Shit happens I guess. It's stupid, but I can't feel too bad about it now. Lesson learned, time to move on.

To be on the safe side I decided to take the train and coach service to Canberra the next day. Ten hours of travelling instead of two, but this was a route I travelled before, as it was the same way I got arrived in Melbourne. I like travelling by train and you'll hear nothing but praise from me when talking about CountryLink. Hah. Now that I'm writing this I remember the Cootamundra blog entry (nr.9), but nevermind that story. In Canberra Jared hosted me for another night and at his house he had a present for me: a package that my family had sent me for Sinterklaas, a dutch family holiday where you give each other presents. Delayed by almost a month, as I left Canberra before it arrived there, the treats in it were still great. Especially the packs of my favorite bubblegum were a good call! I chewed all of it away in a matter of days, and none of it lasted into the new year.

The next day I moved to Georgie's place, another Holland friend. I didn't chill all that much with Georgie in Holland, but we really became friends at coasties where she partied harder than anyone else. I don't know any other girls who party as hard as she does, respect. I miss coasties. Anyway, it was also Georgie who convinced me to spent new years eve in Canberra, for which I'm really grateful. G lives on a 200 acre farm just across the border in New South Wales. I couldn't explain how much 200 acres is, as I have nothing to compare it with, but let me tell you, it's a lot. For dutch standards anyway.. In Australia 200 acres is a mere backyard, but I doubt that anyone in Holland privalely owns a 200 acre plot. The need for so much land is easily explained though; with five brothers and sisters, you would need at least 200 acres to get away from it all once in a while. G has a nice family, especially her brother Charlie is a great guy (and a pimp). Them Turnbills are a blessed family, and I was really happy to be able to stay with them for a couple of nights.

I spent most of my time chatting with the family, watching Summer Heights High, which is really funny, chilling with Kounnas and the boys and prepping for the big night. Most people I knew were going to a houseparty, and after a lot of calls and trouble I got on the list, and was allowed to join in. The party was a bit of a let down to be honest, nothing too special. I didn't catch up with all the people I wanted to, either because I didn't see them or they weren't allowed to get in. After the party was over, I joined with my man Heaney for some mad clubbing in Civic. We met up with some people along the way, got pissed and I arrived 'home' at 6:30. Welcome 2008.

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00:20, January 1st, 2008
00:20, January 1st, 2008
Them Turnbuills
Them Turnbuills
photo by: Sunflower300