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Finally, after many attempts to sleep for a long time, the guide woke me at 7:00. In an hour we left for the trek down to Gangotri. Walking all the way down is never fun - it has this vague feeling of anticlimax, and I'm extra likely to blister my feet and tire out my knees. However, there was also this vague sense of relief and subdued feeling of achievement and completion. Amongst all uncertainty about weather, whether I'd make it to Tapovan, luck had been around at the right times. And I was in a hurry to get back to Rishikesh, fantasizing about white-water-rafting and not so cold weather, also hoping to not miss the last bus to Rishikesh.

Mostly I walked back, quietly and quickly. Taking breaks at the few places where the guide found someone that he "had to" talk to. We stopped at Chirbasa, Bhujgadi, and took a few cool pics at Devgad waterfall. I mostly stopped also when I had to take pics, and to gaze at mountain lizards, and mountain goats.

We made it back by noon, whereupon I argued with the guide and settled his above average fee. There was no bus till a few hours for anywhere. Took the time to shop a little more, repack my stuff, stuff myself with a simple lunch and wait for the 15:00 bus to leave for Uttarkashi. Just before 15:00 though one shared taxi got to Gangotri, and I abandoned the bus to get into the taxi anticipating it will be a tad bit more comfortable and quick. Not that the taxi itself was the best - he didn't tie down stuff properly, was slower than expected, losing his headlight arbitrarily, and it was a squeeze sitting in there at times. On the way down, the taxi took a break at Gangnani, which is a hot-spring place. At one place, could see steaming hot water in a small stream by the road side. Seems to be an interesting place, although didn't look quite like a touristy spot. The journey ended at around 20:00 at Uttarkashi, I got off near the bus stand. There was obviously no hope of departing for Rishikesh the same day, no busses and I was tired enough already.

After a sumptuous meal of paneer and butter-roti I checked into a closeby hotel. It was atleast relatively clean, and I had a nice shower finally since the water wasn't too cold. All that was left to do again was wait, for the early morning bus the next day.

-- Ashish Bhambhani
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