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Gyu-Kaku Restaurant is a Japanese BBQ dining experience where you are the chef.  My cousin and I went to the Torrance location which is in a strip mall next to sushi joint and a ramen shop on Crenshaw Blvd. between Lomita and Skypark.  We didn't have reservations on a Friday night but it was past 8 pm and we didn't think we would have to wait....but we did...about 20 minutes.  Since we were "walk-ins", we were seated at a bar style sitting.  The restaurant's decor is earthy and dim with tea candle light and flames from the table top grills to provide mood lighting.  The fuel for the table top grills are binchotan (white charcoal).  The grills were brushed with sesame oil for extra flavor.
Mino (Beef Stomach)

We ordered...

Asparagus with Butter
Shiitake with Ponzu Sauce
Enoki Mushrooms in Garlic butter
Rosu (ribeye) with Ponzu Sauce
Harami (skirt steak) in Miso Marinade
Kalbi (boneless short rib) in Tare Marinade
Tofu Chigae Soup
Japanese Pork Sausage
Hormone (beef intestine) in Shio Marinade
Nakaochi Kalbi in Spicy Miso Marinade
Mino (beef stomach) in Miso Marinade
And ice cream for dessert. 

The Enoki Mushrooms were very juicy and tasty.  The Shiitake Mushrooms were really dry even with the sauce.  The Rosu, Harami, Kalbi, and Nakaochi Kalbi were cooked perfectly...barely medium rare...because we were the chefs.  The marinades were really tasty.  My cousin really wanted the soup, the intestine, and stomach...I tried the soup and intestine but they weren't my cup of tea.  The beef stomach I left all to my cousin.  The sausage tasted like hot dogs...not what I expected. 

All in all, the food and the atmosphere made this dining experience OK.  For a meal that you have to cook for yourself...this place was pricey...but I assume the cost is for the premium cuts of meat available. 

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Mino (Beef Stomach)
Mino (Beef Stomach)
Harami (Skirt Steak) and Nakaochi …
Harami (Skirt Steak) and Nakaochi…
Harami (Skirt Steak) and Nakaochi …
Harami (Skirt Steak) and Nakaochi…
Harami (Skirt Steak) and Kalbi (Bo…
Harami (Skirt Steak) and Kalbi (B…
Tofu Chigae
Tofu Chigae
Harami (Skirt Steak)
Harami (Skirt Steak)
Pork Sausage and Hormone (Beef Int…
Pork Sausage and Hormone (Beef In…
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Gyu-Kaku Restaurant is Japanese BBQ where you are the "grill master". The menu has many cuts of meat from bovine to swine and poultry to fish and seaf… read entire review
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