Attack pigeons in the kitchen!

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I was living in Malta at the time of my Hitchcock, "The Birds" experience.  I came home late to a kitchen that looked like it had been rampaged by robbers!  I was terrified!  I couldn't figure out how someone got in (I lived on the second floor but kept my kitchen door open because of the extreme heat in the summer.)  But even then...nothing was missing.  Somone had just made a mess!  

And then I noticed it....

Bird crap all over the place...on the counters, on the floor, on the table. My eyes followed the trail of bird poop scattered throughout the room until it came to a resting a puddle at the bottom of my refrigerator.  "What the heck!?"  And then I saw it!  It's beady little eyes starred right back at me as if taunting me to try, just try and remove it!  It had made itself quite comfy as if ready to nest on the top of my unusually small kitchen appliance.  

I thought "It's just a pigeon...I'll try and shoo it out the way it came in." Although by this time it was very dark and the devious little bird couldn't see well enough to exit the same way he had entered.  I tried to coax him into leaving with my broom...but of course that only startled him and as he flew aimlessly around the room (and then at my head!) I fell flat on my butt with flashes of the movie, "The Birds" in my head!    Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds funny now...but I nearly peed my pants!  lol  :D  If I'd only had a camera!  lol 

Finally, I gave in and let the bird be.  I realized he was too dumb to know that he could still exit the door (even if it was dark outside!)  and I was too sore from falling on my bum!  (I'm telling you, those eyes were evil!)  I turned off all the lights in the house, went to my room and closed the bedroom door (so he couldn't get me in my sleep!)  I hoped that as daylight broke he would follow the light out the door...and sure enough he did. 

(NOW I know why they eat pigeons in Malta!  lol  )

Lesson learned: Sometimes, no matter how much you try to help someone discover the light and way out, they just need to sit alone in the dark for a while and find the light on their own.

Oh and never try to fight an attack pigeon in your kitchen.  lol  
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photo by: davidx