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Inverse Pyramid


Our first full day in Paris was very busy.  I got up at 6:45 AM for a shower, got some breakfast (chocolate croissants and peaches for me), and headed to our 8 AM Art Lecture followed by our MUSC lecture.  I don't know if its that I still haven't adjusted to the time change or not but it was hard to stay awake during class.  After class we had some time before we had to be at the Louvre so we walked through the Tuleries gardens which are located immediately northwest of the entrance to the Louvre.  It seemed to be a pretty crowded place with lots of people picking, walking, or just sitting.

View of Arch de Triumph from Tuleries gardens
  After walking for a while we decided to find some food from a street vender.  I got a croque monsieur which is a ham sandwich with cheese melted on top (you can also get a croque maddam which is the same as a monsieur but with a fried egg on top as well) and shared a nutella crepe.  I could definitely get used to the crepes!

After lunch, we got a guided tour of the Louvre.  Obviously, due to the size of the museum, our tour guide could not take us everywhere but she did show us everything we talked about in class (Mona Lisa, Raft of Medusa, Oath of Horatii, etc.).  After the tour, Katie, Allie and I saw the Nike and Venus de Milo along with the chambers of Napoleon III and some Finnish and German art.  Although I have been in the Louvre twice before, I feel I enjoyed it more this time because of my recognition and knowledge of the works.
After the Louvre, our feet were really tired but we decided to go see Notre Dame while we had the time.  They were having service when we got there but still were allowing visitors in.  I found this very funny since it seems that people walking around would be very distracting.  The music was very good and made for a great mood enhancer while being in the church.

With incredibly tired feet, Katie, Allie, and I headed back to the hotel for a quick dinner from the grocery store and a short nap.  That evening, they went to the Eiffel Tower while I stayed and read my book and went to bed early.  I'm still adjusting to the time difference.  Hopefully, by the time we get to Italy I will be caught up.

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Inverse Pyramid
Inverse Pyramid
View of Arch de Triumph from Tuler…
View of Arch de Triumph from Tule…
Pyramid & the Louvre
Pyramid & the Louvre
photo by: Sweetski