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            We started off the day with Art class at 8:30 AM which is always rough since we turns out all the lights and talks in such a soothing British accent.  After class, we hurried to a nearby Taccachi shop to buy a bus ticket to get us to Rome for the morning walking tour.  The walking tour of Ancient Rome was like stepping back into time.  I really liked having the headset so that even if I didn’t keep exactly in pace with Professor Lewcock, I could still hear what he was saying.

            After the tour, we grabbed lunch at a nearby Café by the Capitol Museum.  I got a pretty plain turkey and cheese sandwich on focaccia with some fresh pineapple but it really hit the spot.  The view of Rome from the Café was amazing and really added to the atmosphere.

            Although it was starting to rain when we finished lunch, we decided to go ahead and see the rest of that area of Rome.  We went to the Coliseum where we would step outside for a minute and then step inside to take shelter from the rain since most of us were not prepared for the hottest day we’ve had yet to end in rain.  Despite the rain, I found the experience amazing to think about how old the building was and what took place inside when it was built.  After the Coliseum, we continued with the Roman ruins and saw the Palestine palace which overlooks the Forum and the Circus Maximus.

            After walking all day, we hoped on the Metro and then onto a bus that took us back to the hotel.  We decided to try to find the grocery store near our hotel.  After walking in almost a complete circle, we found the grocery store and got some beer and snacks.  For dinner, we stopped in this really small pizza place.  They make big square pizzas that they display behind glass.  You order the type of pizza you want (we usually pointed) and then they heat it up.  The most interesting part is that by pizza, they charge you by the pound.  It was really inexpensive and good.  I got one kind with zucchini on it and another with tomato, basil and mozzarella.

            After drinking my Heineken and my pizza, Allie convinced me to go to a local bar with her and Sarah and Matt who were meeting up with some other people from our group.  Allie ordered us beers which we awful!  They tasted like half lime juice half beer – not a great combination.  Needless to say, I was home (thanks to Sarah) and asleep before midnight.
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photo by: vulindlela