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Luckily, we got to sleep in a little later this morning!  I began the day similar to yesterday with a shower and breakfast (chocolate crossant and peaches) but today we got an extra hour and meet in the hotel lobby at 9:15 to go the Musee d’ Rodin which houses the sculptures of Rodin and some works that were acquired by him in his lifetime.  The museum is set up with a house containing the small and medium size modals of the large works contained in the surrounding gardens.  Some of his famous pieces include “The Thinker” and “The Gates of Hell.”  While, at each of these museums we have to keep a journal for art class containing what we saw and our impressions.  Part of the assignment is to sketch the works we see.  I am very much a perfectionist but am a very poor drawer which makes for a bad combination for this art journal.  Most of the time, I just take a picture and tell myself I will draw it later when I have time.  We’ll see how that works out for me.

After the Rodin, we walked to the place that Napoleon is buried and then walked until we found a restaurant.  Obviously this was the only restaurant between our two locations for the day because almost half of our group ended up eating at this same French place.  They had a really nice upstairs where most of us ate but I know we drove the staff of the restaurant crazy.

In the afternoon, we meet and went into the Musee d’ Orsay.  I love this museum because of all the impressionist work that is located on the top floor.  Again, I was also able to appreciate some other works from having studied them in class.  Having been on our feet all day, a group of us headed back to the hotel.  Most of the group split off to go to the Arch de Triumph while Sarah, Matt, and I who had already seen it decided to go get some dinner from the grocery store.  We got French bread, crackers, Brie cheese and wine.  I felt very French eating my bread and sipping my wine.

On our way to meet our group, Sarah and I stopped and got Nutella crepes by the Pompidou to hold us since we had eaten dinner so early.  As part of Music class, we have concerts that we have to attend and write about.  Tonight was our first one:  a jazz concert.  I didn’t think the playing was that bad.  We didn’t have a great view since we were crammed into a very small room in the corner behind a piano no one played.  I was a little upset that we had to pay 20 euro for the event ($38 USD).

After the concert, Sarah, Matt, Hannah, Katie, Allie and I got a drink at a nearby bar and then headed back to the hotel.

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photo by: Sweetski