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            We started the morning off with Music class and then a Music excursion to the Opera House.  I guess there was a feeling that something should be done for the exorbitant price of the concert last night.  I really enjoyed seeing the Opera House.  Our tour guide was very good and explained things well.  We were able to see the inside with the box seats because they were setting up for another event.

            After the Opera House, we headed toward the Pompidou.  We found a Greek sandwich shop nearby and got sandwiches and French fries.  My chicken was very fresh and the veggies on the sandwich satisfied the incurable desire for something green.  We made a little picnic out in front of the Pompidou which is not a very attractive building at all.

            The Pompidou contains Modern Art.  It’s very hard to convince most people that the things that are made by Modern Artists are truly art.  When we arrived upstairs, the guides told us that the work that was normally there had been removed and they had a special exhibition.  After walking around for a while seeing film of a hand trying to catch falling nails and light up boxes, I took a seat and spent sometime just thinking and catching up on my Art journal.

            After the Pompidou, we headed back to the hotel, got some dinner and relaxed for a while.  For our last night in Paris, we went to Sacre Coeur which is a basilica located on the top of a really big hill.  From the top you can see all of Paris.  Although I’ve been to the top of the hill twice, this was the first time that I had gone inside the church.  It was very pretty with an amazing alter piece.

            After sitting and talking for a couple hours, we decided to head back to the hotel to pack for our trip tomorrow.  On our way down the hill, we ran into some people who had just graduated from UGA and were traveling Europe as a graduation present.  We also stopped by the creperie by the Metro stop to get our last official French Nutella crepe.  Honestly, I think this was the best one I had.

            While on the Metro, we ran into some drunk guys who were with the service.  They had small slips of paper with directions and were asking us how to get back to their hotel using the Metro.  I don’t know if you have ever tried to direct drunk people but these guys didn’t listen to a work we said.  Luckily, they were going the other way on the same line we were taking.  Unluckily, they tried to continue following us even when we pointed them in the right direction.  It was really funny!  I guess everyone needs a chance to cut loose and forget about life.  I just hope they made it home.
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photo by: Sweetski