Desert Magic at the Saharan Berber Camp

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In his natural environment.

I put this location as Erfoud as that, I think, is the closest main town to the Merzouga Sand dunes where we stayed the night.  Note on the map how close we actually were to the border.

First let me tell you about the morning spent in the Todra village .........

Most of the girls decided to go for the optional guided palmerie walk this morning but a couple decided to rest up at the hotel, and Jade, Bec and I decided to get a lift down to the town and do a few jobs........internet was first on the agenda. Now it is interesting as I knew that this village is one of the most popular setting off points for foreigners going rock climbing in Morocco...Well it is still a very conservative and non touristy area as far as I could see.

Nothing in sight except enormous red sand dunes and blue robed Berber.
The internet cafe was a REALLY basic hole in the wall affair with a rather hit and miss connective ability. Bec and I had no trouble connecting but poor Jade was getting very frustrated. The guy/s that were running the joint (not much English) sort of just ignored her plight ...(rather unusual to be ignored!)...and she just gave up. I only quickly checked my emails (the french keyboard thing is just too hard some days) then handed over to her as I wanted to go and check out the village atmosphere.

Had a few jobs to get done for the other girls too so off I went to search for a photo place that could burn a disc from Camera card for Sue. Kodak place right next door across the uneven footpath could do it in 30 minutes for 30 MAD  so left the card there with friendly staff.

My camel did the worlds longest Pee!!!!
Next was looking for pharmacy for eyedrops...wandered along past men oriented cafes and found one easily enuf. Again friendly staff including a couple of ladies, they were very keen to help find just what I needed. It is amazing how much you can describe with hand and arm gestures and facial expressions!.

 I popped back to the girls to see how they were doing. One of the young guys was becoming VERY friendly with them...I think he just wanted to practise his English...and was maybe looking for a bit of kick-back, but he took me to the P.O. and then round to the outside back desk to buy stamps. In Morocco the Post Offices are alays REALLY crowded as they are a major banking shop as well. So to get stamps check around the outside and there is often a hole in the wall shopfront just for stamps.

My matress at the Berber Camp. Note the candle lanterns.
..very handy ?!?  We had time to sit in one of the cafes (with all the men) and watch village life go by...very interesting as the women here swarth themselves in huge white "sheets" as there style of cover up. A very nice morning.!

Back to the hotel we soon piled back onto the bus and off to the DESERT!!!!! Stopped to check out an area of wells ...access to underground water the traditional way. When one well dries up they dig another not too far away leaving multiple mounds of sand and rock in rows through out the landscape. Fascinating dry stoney landscape, with the occassional palm tree grove.


The camel ride out into the desert, the night at the berber camp, the sight of the sun setting and rising over the sand dunes, dancing and singing with the berber men around the campfire, total silence of the desert night, the glorious pre dawn star filled sky of the Sahara, ....The most magical night of my life!

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In his natural environment.
In his natural environment.
Nothing in sight except enormous r…
Nothing in sight except enormous …
My camel did the worlds longest Pe…
My camel did the worlds longest P…
My matress at the Berber Camp. Not…
My matress at the Berber Camp. No…
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Thanks for letting us know which …