When did the drinking age get raised?!?!

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Last night was interesting....i got in a fight with a cop and store manager at Win-Dixie.  What the freak?!?!?! So here goes... we decided to have a girl's night because all of the girls at work are haivng boy trouble.  Only Courtney and I are over 21, so we go to the store to get beer and daqui stuff.  Ann comes with us, she is 20.  We make sure that Ann doesn't touch the alcohol.  Courtney and I go to one register, and Ann goes to a different one.  After I am done checking out and Courtney is paying, the store manaager, who is a bitch, comes up to us and asks:
SM - (in ghetto voice) "Y'all gots you a friend witch y'all? We need to see her ID too?
Me - "Excue me?"
SM - "yeah, she was holding beer, we were watching y'all."
Me - "Uhhhh...no she didn't.  If she did, when was it?"
Court - "I really don't think that she did...."
SM - "When you was on the beer aisle."
Me - "No, she didn't"
Now the cop gets involved!!!
Cop- "Is your friend 21?"
me - "No, and my buying beer is not contigent upon that.  I am 23, and i want to buy beer."
Cop - "Well you can't if we can't check her ID.  ABC is out side and y'all will get a contributing to the deliquency of minors"
Me -"Whatever, I am not evern riding with her."
Me - "Well, I don't want this anymore. Can i have my money back?"
Court - "Me too"
this is where i decide to start making asshole comments...
Me "Well I didn't realize that you couldn't buy alcohol when you are 23, this is fucking bullshit"
Me - "So really, I mean honestly, do you card every child who comes in with an adult who is buying alcohol, and not let them buy it?  I think that you should...:"
SM - "M'am...i don't think they are giving alcohol to those kids"
Me - "you never know.... i am not giving this to minors.  this is bullshit"
Me to cop - "So are you going to follow me to the next store and watch what i buy, and then follow me home?"
Me - "I'm sorry I thought that at 21 I could buy beer."
Me -"I guess next time, if I am alone, you'll have to pull some one from outside and card them"
Me - "Wow! this is bull shit"

Finally we left and got beer at Kobe's.  I was so freaking pissed.  Seriously!!! What the fuck!!!!!!!!
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