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So.... i've been playing with fire here in the big BR.  And, I know that I am going to get burned.  Friday night was ladies night at Fred's, of course.  We decided to head over there at 11ish.  But let me preface this story with a little background info.  I got a text msg on monday night asking if i minded if a certain someone crashed at my place after a wedding in BR.  who could this certain someone be... lets call him____....  welll i am bored out of my mind in BR, so i decided that i was up for a little fun, and i know that night will always be fun if ____     is involved. so of course i tell him he is more than welcome to stay with me.... his response if "sweet...maybe we can get drunk and play naked games" this should have been my first clue that this was a bad idea.... but do i listen...NO of coure not.  So friday rolls around and we head to fredrick's. and i don't pay for a damn thing. benny and jake chapman are there too, so you see how this is an interesting night. jeager is involved which never leads to a pretty night.  i get pretty lit at fred's, and then we head to Happy's downtown for more drinks and partying with the old pi kapp's like mikey d, fink, and ryan.  that was fun.  on the way to happy's, one thing leads to another and i kinda sorta made out with the above mentioned.  yeah....bad idea.  i know, i know.  well i decide to stop it and say something about the girlfriend and how i feel bad, which the response to that is.... we're  about to break up, don't worry. and i don't.  i am going to use kate's line here.... so appropriate, "i know that i should feel bad, but i don't".  so later we late night at mikey d's, and then head back to my place.  where i proceed to fall off of my porch and land on my ass.  that was nice.  but, rest assured that i didn't hurt myself.  then of course i have a shacker stay at my house.  but nothing much happened except for some kissing b/c i passed out.  apparently this is supposed to happen again during the summer.  damn, if i wasn't so bored, maybe i wouldn't be playing with fire.  shit, i am going to get burned.
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Baton Rouge
photo by: esterrene