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 Today was a really late start....Getting up early and drinking isn’t a very good combination. Noell and I went shopping today. Not really what we came to do in Scotland, but we weren't up for much.  We walked around to different shops along Princess Street. Then we headed back to the hostel.

 Our roomies (Brianna and Ciarra) invited us to the bar for a drink as well as the Aussie boys we met yesterday at the shuttle stop.

just magical
So we all headed to the bar and hung out. I was kind of hoping to see this guy that worked there, his name was Keith. He was a cutie (a lot of fun to look at)! Right as I mentioned that to Noell he walked in! YAY!  I played a game of pool with Brianna then one with Keith. I started chatting with Keith we talked for quite some time.  I became infatuated with this boy! He's a Canadian with dual citizenship in Scotland (that right there is way sexy). We had so many things in common. He made me laugh non-stop just saying silly things or quoting movies we both liked! Never before I have I been this captivated by a person I just met. After a while I remembered that I was doing laundry and my clothes were left in the dryer. So I mentioned that I had to go take care of my stuff and Keith asked if I wanted company....How could I refuse?!

 We headed to the laundry room. I took out my clothes and realized most of my clothes were my underwear!! I told him not to look :) He promised he wouldn't look at my unmentionables! We sat there talking while I was folding my clothes (which just become unfolded once they hit my backpack). At one point we started talking about Jack the Ripper then some how we just kissed! It was bazaar.... talking about killing and blood.......then OH, KISS ME! It was funny. We laughed about it. He told me he wanted to kiss me since last night :)



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just magical
just magical
photo by: vances