Day 4...Happy Easter

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 Before we left London we decided to try and get some money back from that horrible tour!! We only got £12 back. Bummer. I know better for next time :)   Our bus left at 9:30 headed towards Scotland!!!

 Edinburgh is AMAZING! It's so beautiful and gothic. And the hostel we stayed at was sooooooooooo nice! It was the Globetrotter Inn.  We waited in line to get checked in. There was this tall red headed guy who seemed very friendly who was working behind the counter. Once we walked up he asked us our names and we told him, then I asked what his name was. He told us Ted. Then he chuckled and told us he was kidding his name was Keith and he wasn't sure why he told us his name was Ted. It later became a joke between Noell and I. Once we got checked in and settled in our room, Noell and I decided to hit the bar that they had in the Hostel. Is there another way to spend our Easter Sunday in Scotland?! Nah......  There were quite a few people there that night. I noticed a group of guys that we met earlier waiting for our shuttle to the hostel. Then a group of German fellows started chatting with us. Turns out they were a rugby team. They were super friendly people who were really, really drunk! I was getting there too, I won't lie.  There was Dirk, Yen, Julian and Johanna.  During that evening Julian was trying to teach me sayings in German. I was doing really well for being smashed. So my "teacher" wanted me to practice what I just learned which was supposed to be a casual 'hello, my name is....' or a 'hey, what's up?'  So he points out a friend of his that I should talk to. SO thinking I was saying HI I said really loud "Ich bin Colleen, ich bin gile" the guy and my "teacher" started laughing like crazy!! Turns out, in translation I said "I am Colleen, I am horny".

 Someone bought a round of shots...I'm not too sure what it was, but it was red. Right at we took the shot it tasted like cinnamon. One guy instead of swallowing the shot he ended up spitting on me!! I was wearing a white shirt too.... what an ending to an interesting evening


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photo by: vances