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 I woke up pretty early, not sure why. I got ready and it was still fairly early, I wasn't supposed to meet up with Noell until 7:30. I decided to go for a walk. I was only going to be gone for a short time, but that turned into almost an hour! It was a really beautiful morning. Fog was everywhere, it just looked so enchanting! I didn't have my camera at that point in time. I finally found my way back (I forgot to mention. I got lost that's why it took so long) just in time, it was 7:30 on the nose!

 Today we were suppose to go on the expensive tour of London, but that did not happen. Noell showed up at 8:20 (she missed her bus) and we had to be at the place to buy tickets by 8:30. When we got there the lines were HUUUUUUUUUGE! We waited.

..and waited...waited some more then we got up to the counter. The tour we wanted only had one seat available. Bummer! So we decided to do something else! In the end it turned out not so bad.

 We just jumped on random busses not knowing where they lead to. We had to get off the one bus we were traveling on because it was going out of service. So we hopped off. The only bad thing was at that moment it decided to down pour! BUT ON WE WALKED!

 We saw Wren's Monument commemorating the great fire of 1666. We walked up all 311 stairs to the top! Let me tell you, that right there was a workout! WHEW! We walked to the Tower Bridge and looked at the Tower of London (from afar).  We also saw the London bridge, the Bank of England.

Jack the Ripper tour guide
...we basically did the poor mans tour :)  We walked for a REALLY long time.

 At the end of the day we decided to take the Jack the Ripper Tour. This tour was really amazing. I had a blast! The guide was super funny and cute; she had a way of talking to people to keep them entertained. She pointed out almost every spot where the found each victim. When she was talking about Midas Square (I think that's the name), she was telling us how the cops kept watch. They would come by every 15 minutes to make sure everything was ok. One officer came back after his loop around (15 minutes later) and he noticed a bump/pile (one of the victims) of something right where a bench sits today. Right as she turned around to point out the bench we all looked over and right then a cop walked by! It was really funny for some reason. We all started cracking up. I suppose it was one of those 'You had to be there' moments. We drove past the 10 Bells Pub. Which is still in the same building as it was in 1888. Most of the streets have changed, but with a little use of your imagination you can picture what it used to be.

 It was a fun day even though it didn't go as planned. There's always tomorrow.....

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Jack the Ripper tour guide
Jack the Ripper tour guide
looking down
looking down
looking up
looking up
On the other side of this wall is …
On the other side of this wall is…
Where a victim of Jack the Ripper …
Where a victim of Jack the Ripper…
One of Jack the Rippers victims wa…
One of Jack the Rippers victims w…
photo by: ulysses