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Scenes from the train - Kutno

It's cold, gray and  misty here in Wasaw...  Nice weather to stay inside with a book and something hot to drink.  The mist feels like it could turn to snow at any time, but I'm excited to be in a train, getting away for the weekend, traveling from Warsaw to Berlin.  A new city, someplace I've never been before.  The train is incredibly bouncy - something about these train tracks I guess...  Makes it a little difficult to write.  Feels like bumper cars in an amusement park.

Once again, I'm going somewhere I never expected to go.  And I'm really looking forward to it.  The train is extremely full - not just people heading to Berlin, but many must be heading to Poznan.  The trip preparations, getting train tickets, etc is not an issue anymore.  My friendly ticket office in Warsaw's central station is really helpful.

The scenery from the train is, above all, very green.  Not the golden brown colors that I would expect of fields in Autumn, but vivid green.  Of course, the autumn colors - yellow, red and brown are also striking.  It's a beautiful time of year here in Poland.  We stop at a few train stations - Kutno - Konin...  The train stations are a bit depressing for the most part - drab and run-down looking.  After a few hours we reach Poznan whose station is larger and more busy.  After Poznan we eventually make it to Rzepin where both German and Polish police board the train to check all passengers' passports and identification cards.  No problem at all, they're quick and courteous.  The Polish policeman carried a portable computer device which he swipes my passport through. No problem, in about 10 minutes they finish and we're in Germany!

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Scenes from the train - Kutno
Scenes from the train - Kutno
photo by: scarlettwitch