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Kitchen boy dances his own improvised style..

"La cocina" was possibly the hardest-going activity, not in terms of physical energy but the amount of time that was spent doing it.  You had to get up at 5am in order to bein the kitchen by 5.30. you´d then work straight through until 1pm, with breaks for eating breakfast and lunch. Most of this time was spent washing up (particularly the blender which eemed to be used thousands of times a day) and peeling potatoes. A lot went into peeling and chopping, including a chopped index finger and a peeled pinky.. Evidently enough, the work got more difficult the more people were staying, so we were not thrilled when a group of 20 American tourists turned up for a weekend making the total number of diners 53. We got told to "hacer wash" plenty of times over those few days.

Kate and Audrey, reporting for kitchen duty with requisite wardrobe and beverages

The day was broken up by a trip to the Granja Orgánica with the compost bin, to aid Pedro's miraculous compost system, and a little further along the route a trip to the chicken house to feed and water the little dears. Also the tedium of the kitchen was broken up by endless repeats of Queen and the Beach Boys, and the prescense of Darwin, otherwise known as "kitchen boy". His cheeky grin and bad-boy reggaeton dancing kept the mood in the kitchen lively! So it wasn't all bad. In fact, if you wanted to avoid a hard day's macheting, "cocina" was just the ticket. Just not on a Sunday. While everyone is swinging in hammocks and making necklaces, it is not the greatest of fun to be making breakfast (which no-one is out of bed to eat) and completely washing down the dining room with dubious chemicals.

All in all kitchen duty can be fun and games. Really. Just not on a Sunday.

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Kitchen boy dances his own improvi…
Kitchen boy dances his own improv…
Kate and Audrey, reporting for kit…
Kate and Audrey, reporting for ki…
photo by: Paulovic