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Guatemala:I took a Spanish course in Antigua, a pretty little village nestled between 3 big volcanos. I hiked up ´Pacaya´ one of the most active volcanos in the world. Standing right by the lava, oozing and spitting, sulphur and hot steam rising from its many vents. One of the most amazing things I have ever seen! I visited Central America ´s biggest rubbish dump in Guatemala City to meet the kids who live and feed from the dump. I met people at ´Camino Seguro´(Safe Passage) a charity that has built a centre at the dump to help educate the children and give them a safe place to spend the days..they get given clothes, showers and food here. Camino Seguro wanted me to install a drama program and organise volunteers to deliver it, but they want me to commit for a minimum of 6 months and I need to improve my Spanish too before I could do this...may stop by there at the end of my travels.
El Salvador. Pretty country. Nice coastline. Friendly people. Felt pretty unsafe in San Salvador. Lots of guns & barred doors and windows.
Honduras. Coca Cola country. Lots of poverty alongside big Amercican corporations who dominatie most of the country's industry. Saw some beautiful mountains, spoiled by a big Hollywood style sign of the ´Coca Cola´ logo. I heard that the rainforest was beautiful here but didn´t have time to go there, Went to the Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea to dive. Did some great deep dives & a wreck dive.
Nicaragua: Loved it here. Genuine people. Poorest Central American country but I felt safer here than other countries. Beautiful, untouched countryside. Early last week I was staying at a farmhouse on a volcanic island in a lake (Lago de Nicaragua). The farmhouse was surrounded by lush rain forest bursting with the vibrant colours and sounds of nature, and abundant wildlife. When hiking through the rain forest, I saw several howler monkeys, parakeets, parrots and scores of unusual tropical birds of varying colours. There were spiders and bugs, and butterflies as big as my hand. Of course, my stay here meant tolerating the odd bloodsucker and even a tarantula who was hanging out in the shower when I returned to the farmhouse, but it was all part of the experience!! From here I went to San Juan Del Sur, on the coast. I surfed for a couple of days before heading to Costa Rica for my flight home. 
Costa Rica: On my first day here I had to walk past street gangs and carnage late at night to get to my hotel in San Jose. From here I went to Alahuela then down to the Nicoya peninsula to a small surf town called Santa Teresa. Lovely chilled out spot on the coast. A few days later I went North into Central Costa Rica, Monteverde, where I did some jungle treks in the cloud forests and went ziplining through the jungle canopys...great fun! Next stop was La Fortunal and Volcan Arenal where I visited some lush hot springs and went lava spotting...seeing Volcano Arenal spitting out red hot lava every few minutes. From here I took a hefty journey, busing through several towns before eventually arriving in Puerto Limon on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. A bustling port town with a Rasta vibe. My final destination on Costa Rica was Puerto Viejo de Talamanca close to the Panamanian border...another little surf town. Nice, but the Pacific coast was nicer.
Panama: After a beautiful boat journey through the winding jungle rivers, I arrived in Panama and made my way straight to the islands off the north coast, Bocos Del Toro. Average diving and snorkelling, beautiful beaches and islands, but lots of partying too! From here, I bused it to the south of the country...Panama City, easily the nicest central American capital city. I visited the old town and the panamal canal & loch before catching a flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil (Via Costa Rica, El Salvador and Peru!)
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