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looking across the Rhone @ Avignon

After getting out of Nice ASAP, I headed into Provence to Avignon.  As soon as I arrived I felt much more at ease - things were looking much more like I would expect a French town/city to look.  I spent the late afternoon/early evening wandering around & getting lost amongst the twisting little streets. 


Unfortunately the hostel was probably the worst I've stayed at on my travels - it's actually a campground & hostel with apparently over 180 beds (there's a big festival in Avignon in the summer, so I guess they do good business then).  The staff were very nice & they had a decent breakfast included, but the rooms were very basic, beds uncomfortable, didn't actually have real pillows, I woke up with a bunch of bed-bug bites, the showers had mould all over the ceiling, there was no lounge/kitchen or common area.

the famous Pont d'Avignon
  All the hallway doors seemed to creak eerily & because it was so big with hardly anyone there, it all seemed kinda creepy, and to top it all off there weren't locks on any of the doors.


Now we backpackers take enough of a gamble with leaving all our worldly possessions at the mercy of 5-10 complete strangers staying in the same room, but to leave them where literally anyone could walk in off the street and take their pick??? 


So this morning I headed straight for the nearest budget hotel & got myself the cheapest room - now it's tiny, smells a little smokey, and the toilet is down the hall, but it's just me, there's no mould, there is a TV, and I get a key for the door!  Oh what luxury!


Once my belongings were somewhere safe, I spent the day exploring Avignon.

Marche de Noel
  The centre is a small walled town, the central focus of which is the largest gothic palace in the world - I didn't go in as apparently it's really just bare rooms, plus I feel I've seen enough churches/palaces/etc to last me quite some time, but it looked quite nice from the outside.  In the afternoon I went across the Rhône to Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, a little sister town that was very cute & quiet & filled with old stone buildings. 


I also wandered through a couple of nice food markets throughout the day, plus the obligatory Christmas market that you will find in every European city/town, or so it seems.  Everywhere I've stopped over the last few weeks they were putting together lines of little pre-fab huts in preparation for the Christmas market season (somewhere a little-hut manufacturer is making millions, and the fairy-light companies are making a mint out of Europe too).  I can't believe it's December already.

erinontour says:
if you read my previous post on Nice, you'll find out. It just wasn't really my kind of place.
Posted on: Nov 27, 2008
CristinaDiaz says:
why did you want to get out of Nice asap?
Posted on: Nov 24, 2008
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looking across the Rhone @ Avignon
looking across the Rhone @ Avignon
the famous Pont dAvignon
the famous Pont d'Avignon
Marche de Noel
Marche de Noel
photo by: LensTravels