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La Cité - the hostel was inside those walls!
This was the plan: to catch the 10:30am bus from Avignon to Barcelona.  Sounds so simple, right?  Well I arrived at the bus station @ 10am & then left it again around 12:15, as the bus was not apparent and I decided that two hours waiting for a bus was about my limit.  This was a Eurolines bus - the major Europe-wide bus company - not some dodgy local deal, but as it was a Sunday the Eurolines office was closed, so about 6 of us just stood around waiting, not knowing what was going on.  People slowly dropped off & I was the second last to give in and leave (I'm a true Taurus - very stubborn).  Of course the only train to Barcelona on a Sunday left @ 10:39am, so there I was still in Avignon.
La Cité

I could have checked back in to the tiny hotel room & sat around being grumpy, but I'd already seen all I wanted to in Avignon, so I looked at my map of France, flicked through the Lonely Planet, and got on a train bound for Carcassonne (well actually it was bound for Toulouse, but stopped at Carcassonne…)

All I knew is that there was a youth hostel there somewhere in the old city.  Whilst pondering a map outside the train station (that only included the new town area) a guy came up & said "looking for the youth hostel?" (the backpack really gives it away).  So Mark, another Melbournite (it's still a small world), and I headed for the castle-esque walled La Cité & actually quite easily found the hostel. 

Sadly this morning it was pouring with rain, but it had pretty much stopped by the time I stepped out to explore Carcassonne.  It really was kinda cool having a hostel right in the middle of this double-walled fortress of an old city - there were lots of little streets twisting all through it, all very cute.  Although it was originally built in the 12th century, most of what is seen today is actually from serious restoration in the 1800s.  I went through the actual castle, which was quite interesting & talked a lot about the various uses & occupants & sieges & restorations. 

And then it was time for attempt number two at getting to Barcelona...
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La Cité - the hostel was inside t…
La Cité - the hostel was inside …
La Cité
La Cité
photo by: santafeclau