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views from Jungfraujoch

Well after all my complaining, I did get to have my day(s) in the mountains after all.  I woke up Sunday morning intending to just cut my losses and move on to the next destination… and then the mountain-cam was showing glorious views at the top of the Jungfrau (of course).  I stared at the TV for a while, trying to make a decision, and eventually decided to stay another night & head on up the mountain. 


It's a journey involving three different trains through the mountains, with fantastic views along the way.  The third & final train heads through the edge of the mountain itself, and stops a couple of times for a quick scenic photo through some convenient windows in the mountain. 


Up the top there's a rabbit-warren of shops & restaurants & stairs & an Ice Palace & multiple viewing areas.

snow, glorious snow
  When I stepped out to the first outdoor viewing area, there wasn't any glinting sunshine, but the clouds were also keeping away, and the views were fabulous.  It was also about -13°C, with a wind speed of over 50km/hr… so I didn't stay out there long. 

By the time I made it to the second viewing platform, a little further over & higher up, the clouds had suddenly appeared and you pretty much couldn't see anything.  I hung around for a while, wandered through the Ice Palace, went back to each viewpoint to see if things had changed (they hadn't), and was just getting ready to catch the next train down, thinking I'd seen the best of it for the day, when I glanced out a window and suddenly you could see for miles again. 


So back to the viewpoints again, and the views were even more amazing, if possible, because the sun was out this time.

does it get any better than this? I love Switzerland!!
  The temperature had risen too: only -10°C, but wind speed of about 65km/hr, so much of a muchness really.  I took a ridiculous number of photos, usually of the same thing over & over again.  Every time I turned around I was gobsmacked by how beautiful it was, so I'd take another photo, even though I knew I already had about 10 from that exact spot, because surely it wasn't looking that stunning 30 seconds ago…


Eventually I caught the last train of the day back down, very happy that I'd had my day in the mountains, and thinking that (maybe) the exorbitant amount of money it cost to get up there was worth it!

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views from Jungfraujoch
views from Jungfraujoch
snow, glorious snow
snow, glorious snow
does it get any better than this? …
does it get any better than this?…
photo by: ruxaa