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I do realise that Singapore is not in Europe, and therefore possibly slightly out-of-place in my "European Adventure" blog, but it was really just a stopover before my triumphant homecoming, so it wasn't exactly going to get a whole blog to itself. 

I arrived in Singapore Wednesday afternoon, completely exhausted from all the running around and having only slept a few hours overnight on the plane.  It was about 20°C warmer than England, which was a rather nice change!  I found my way to the hostel very easily - it's in the Little India district, so surrounded by Indian shops & food (yum!).  Of course even though I was exhausted, sleep wasn't going to be my friend - I did go to bed at a reasonable-ish hour, but then was awake from 3am, slept maybe from 6-9am, and just felt completely ick when I got up. 
I went out to explore Singapore, heading downtown around some of the quay areas, their big performing arts centre, through some shopping centres, past the famous Raffles Hotel.  That doesn't sound too strenuous, but I basically had to sit down every ten minutes or so to rest because I was just completely shattered.  I haven't really had jet-lag before (only very slightly between USA & UK), but it absolutely hit me this time.  But I forced myself to keep on moving and managed not to fall asleep in public (just). 

On my second Singaporean day I headed to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which were very pretty & tropical & green, though the humidity became a bit much for me and I just felt like wilting most of the time.  I devoted the afternoon to the famous Singapore past-time of shopping, going all along Orchard Rd and in & out of endless huge shopping centres, but I was actually quite disappointed by it all.  Many of the shops were American chains, or UK high-street stores, and even though Singapore maintains a year-round average temperature of about 25 degrees, the shops were full of winter clothes (not at all helpful since I'm heading back to an Australian summer). 

My final day started with a hostel-organised tour of the Shuang Lin Monastery - the oldest Buddhist temple in Singapore.  It was quite an interesting tour, and a nice change from all the Catholic churches around Europe!!  I spent the rest of the day hanging out with four English people from the hostel - our intent was to go to Sentosa Island Resort, but this idea was foiled by one of Singapore's famous downpours, so instead we hung out in a shopping centre for a while. 

We finished the day with a drink at the fabulously famous Raffles hotel - we drank Singapore Slings (invented at Raffles) in the Long Bar, and ate peanuts and threw the shells all over the floor like truly decadent expatriates.  It was a really nice way to end my trip (as then I had to grab my bags, jump on the metro & catch a plane to Australia!). 
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