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Overheard in Vienna:  "Everyone's advertising Wiener Schnitzel on their menus..." (Really?  in Vienna?  That's weird...)

[random moment I forgot to mention before = overseen in Paris: Japanese tourist using a mini electric razor, in the Hall of Mirrors @ Versailles.  Seriously.]

Yes I'm now in Vienna, where the weather is very grey & rather wet.  The temperature is ever so slightly warmer than the Czech Republic, but for some reason it all seems a bit bleaker. 

Yesterday I did a general wander around the city.  The hostel is about a 20 minute walk from the centre (I'm too cheap to even use public transport) down a street packed full of high-street shops.
part of the Hofburg Palace
  Vienna does seem rather grand, in terms of very big buildings, lots of wide open spaces, etc.  I spent the afternoon at the Hofburg Palace, where they have the Imperial Silver Collection / Sisi Museum / Imperial Apartments. 

I'm generally not too excited by silver & china displays as they're usually cobbled together from what hasn't been smashed/melted/traded over the years.  This collection, however, was seriously impressive: silver banquet settings comprised of thousands of pieces - plates, bowls, platters, cutlery, candlesticks, you name it...  The Sisi Museum is all about Empress Elisabeth, who was beautiful/reclusive/assassinated/idolised.  And then the Imperial Apartments are where Sisi & her hubby Emperor Franz Joseph I lived; very lavish & impressive & quite interesting - you can still see Sisi's 19th Century home gym & the weird little tub where her hair was washed in egg yolks & cognac.
apparently secure-entry apartments have been around for a while...

Today was actually a public holiday in Austria - their national day.  Now public holidays are usually the enemy of the traveller - things are closed, transport doesn't run - but today was definitely an exception, and I undertook the encore to my Leipzig classical-music-extravaganza.  I started the day at Haydnhaus, followed by the Johann Strauss Apartment, then the Mozarthaus Museum, and finishing off at the Beethoven Pasqualatihaus. 

The Haydn, Strauss & Beethoven ones were just apartments where they each lived for a while, with a random collection of pictures (often with no explanation as to how they related to the composer) and some listening stations for their music.  They were all fairly small, with the added bonus that they were all free today - one presumes because it's Austria Day (or whatever they call it).  The Mozarthaus was a larger museum, with audio guide & info on his life & work, and it incoporated the apartment he lived in for a few years.

Once again, no matter how bleak & depressing the day may seem, classical music never fails to soothe & lift my spirit. 
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part of the Hofburg Palace
part of the Hofburg Palace
apparently secure-entry apartments…
apparently secure-entry apartment…
photo by: hellenica