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I woke up this morning not actually knowing where I was going, except that I wanted to head in France.  (It was only [sometimes] possible to get a wireless internet signal out on the terrace at the hostel - not something I wanted to freeze my butt off doing last night).  When I found out that there was in fact a direct train from Geneva to Nice (my preferred destination) I was very happy & jumped on the next train from Vevey to Geneva.


So I had an hour or so wandering around Geneva, after I stuffed my bags into a train station locker (yes you WILL fit into the smaller/cheaper locker, even if it kills me & squishes all my belongingsā€¦).  Geneva seemed like a fairly average city, though of course any city on the edge of a lake (or other water source) will always get a thumbs-up from me.


Geneva's best-known sight, was in fact not to be seen today: the Jet d'Eau, a 140m spurt of water shooting up in the middle of the lake, was in fact stopped for maintenance - all set to start jetting again tomorrow (of course).  I was a little sad not to be staying around for the Lake Geneva fondue cruise - all-you-can-eat beef, horse & turkey.  But travelling/life is about choices, and you can't do everything, so I choose France. 

I'm looking forward to a country where they speak just the one language - the thing that confused me most here in Switzerland is not that they have four official languages, but that they would use all of them in one sentence!  Mainly in the German-speaking area around Interlaken, they would say most of a sentence in German, then thankyou in French & goodbye in Italian... it's hard to keep up.
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photo by: DADKA