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Cathedral While on the Way to Dinner


Birthdays in the middle of the week are always a challenge.  You really want to do something, but after a long day of work, making that happen can be difficult.  So when my friend Ashley's Birthday rolled around on a Wednesday, we knew it was going to be a challenge.  


First off we all had to work until 6PM, yep, 6PM.  Strike One!  These hours are the reason I have been writing so much lately.  Long hours + nothing to do = get creative.  Thus this blog was born!  Anyway besides working until 6PM, Ashley was going out of town the next day and still had to pack, I had to take care of an errand of my own so we wouldn't be getting together until 7PM.

Via Della Pace
 Strike Two!  Lastly it would be in the East Village, which means no grid system; easy for everyone else in the group, bad for me.  I have no sense of direction.  None!  Strike Three!


So at 6PM we all split to run our various errands.  I ran over to DSW in hopes of getting a pair of brown boots to replace the ones I had been rocking for about 3 years.  The heel was about to come off and there was no way that they could be saved due to the damage.  After about 45 minutes of searching the shoe store, I realized that nothing was going to work.  You would think with 300 pairs of shoes they would have a simple small heeled brown boot.  Oh, no, but they had 100 pairs of black calf high boots.  Okay...


So I grabbed the 6 train and was on my way.

After Dinner and Plenty of Wine
  I soon realized I was on the uptown train.  Yep, it had started!  But this would be easy to solve, I would jump off and go onto the other platform.  Nope, you had to exit the station and cross the street to go to the uptown train.  It only took me 5 minutes to locate it.  Great...


So I checked my phone and realized I would be about 10 minutes late.  No problem, Sarah left work at 7PM and she would be the by 7:30, I would beat her easily.  Yeah, right.  After getting out at Astor place I wandered around aimlessly looking for the street.  I went the complete opposite way and finally had to call Ashley.  Of course she laughed her butt off and told the group I was lost again.  So she gave me the directions and I was off.

The Girls!


After 10 more minutes I realized I was even more lost.  Yes, I am in the Village quite often, but never alone so I have people to lead me around while I do the talking.  Not this time.  So I called Ashley again and I could hear the group laughing in the background including Sarah.  She had beaten me there.  Unbelievable!  So Ashley stayed on the phone and talked me to the destination.  I was pretty annoyed at myself when I got there but soon that changed as I was grabbed by Sarah and hugged tightly almost being knocked to the floor, she is small but has the vise grip of boa constrictor.   


Everyone was a drink ahead of me, so I had to get busy.

Everyone Needs a Little Southern Comfort Sometimes
 I told everyone that it was going to be a short night.  I always say that.  In fact I am the queen of I am only having one drink and going home.  That one drink always multiples into 4 or 5 with me and I end up being the last to leave taking everyone down with me.  So I ordered wine since it was an Italian restaurant, I don't know what type, I just said I wanted something light and fruity.  I don't drink wine, ever!  Two drinks says I am done for the night though I can chug whiskey and tequila like water.  But I figured why not, all the cool kids were doing it that night.  


After two glasses I was really happy!  Maybe I was too happy, because the group was laughing at my sarcastic goodness or maybe I was paranoid.  I wasn't that bad, really, but I kept coming up with crazy ideas which seem sane at the time.

Thumbs Up Southern Comfort
 The group was very happy to see the food arrive and we began eating all of the starchy goodness.  


After we were done with our meal the waiter brought out a piece of cake with a candle, nice!  We pulled out the camera and began taking photos.  I looked like a total lush in the first one.  I had done it on purpose, seriously, but no one believed me.  It was really quite heinous!  The server asked if he could take a photo for us and relit the candle.  When we saw the picture, one of our friends's head was cut off; all you could see was her eye.  The server lit the cake again and took yet another one, it was a lot better.


After we ate the cake it was time to head to a bar for a quick drink so we headed over to the Telephone Bar and Grill that is made up to look like an English pub.

Bottoms Up!
 Immediately I had flashbacks to The Snogger, and my pub crawl experience in London.  A chill went down my spine, but he was thousands of miles away so with my heart racing I headed into the bar grabbing a table in the front.  Many of the tables didn't have chairs which was fine by us.  We sit all day and welcomed being on our feet.


The drinks were a little weak so we decided we need a birthday shot.  Actually, Sarah was the one who thought we needed a birthday shot.  I tried to argue, but who was I kidding.  SoCo was my friend and I hadn't seen him in a while.  So we passed out the shots of Southern Comfort.  One person in our group refused, she had had a bad experience with SoCo in the past and stuck to wine, but she volunteered to document the experience.  Very scary...


So we clanked our shot glasses and prepared to take the plunge, at this moment Ashley discovered a huge chunk of glass missing from her shot.

Bottoms Up Ashley!
 This was right when I was taking a sip and I almost choked.  I told her they always give special glasses like that to the birthday girl, I don't think she believed me, but she shrugged and we threw back our drink.  It was a chilly night, but we all warmed up quickly.  In fact the shots ended up being about two shots in the glass.  Someone complained about it, I don't remember who at this point, but one should never complain about free booze.  


I finally noticed that Ashley's glass was really broken and started laughing uncontrollably.  After laughing 5 minutes straight I turned to talk to Sarah, because I hadn't seen her in a while and found a drink in front of me.  Vanilla Stoli and 7, one of my friends was treating me right!  At least I hope it was one of my friends because some lunatic next to us started screaming crap at us with a huge grin on his face.

Orange Cones Can Only Mean One Thing...FUN!
  I can't tell you what he said, I wasn't even sure if it was English.  It turned out to be the drunken dialect but none of us spoke his language.  I stared at my drink warily. 


We tried to ignore this guy, but after five minutes we couldn't take his screaming anymore and chugged our drinks to leave.  It was almost midnight and we all had to be back at work early the next morning.  As we stood up to leave he begged us not to go! Someone had abandonment issues...


Ashley and I called a cab company from Brooklyn and prepared to wait.  This company always says 25 minutes, no matter what.

Ashley's Birthday in the Red Light District - I Look Like I Have Something in My Eye!
  It is never true, but everytime I try to convince her otherwise.  I don't know why, but I do.  I told her we could always get another drink, but I knew what loomed back in the bar... drunken lunatic!  So the group began saying there goodbyes, this took about 20 minutes which was a good thing for Ashley and myself.


When we were left alone we looked down the street and found that there were orange cones everywhere.  It appears it was for the vans for a movie shoot that had been taken place there earlier.  The best part was a cone on top of a random person's car.  Yeah some drunk had put it up there and it wasn't us!  But these two drunks decided to pose with it.  How could we pass that up?


Our taxi pulled up as we took the final shot and we hopped into the cab laughing uncontrollably.  Something about an orange cone on a random person's car at 12:30AM after four drinks just has to make you smile!

binky says:
You need to hang at McDonald's and Starbucks. They are crawling with Americans! Okay, maybe not the interesting ones...
Posted on: Feb 10, 2011
binky says:
Yes, definitely British. I would think they would get tired of American women though. London must be crawling with them during the tourist season. Then again, many American women love Brits and they never get tired of them. I destroyed my own argument... Still, it was so so bizarre the way the whole thing unfolded, but damn funny!
Posted on: Feb 09, 2011
binky says:
Huh, I never thought about that! Maybe we should bring that tradition here, it might add to the night life! Oh the pub crawl! It was a blast for me, but my friend kept mixing liquor and she can't do it. These two guys were hanging out with us for the last hour and a half of the night and we let them know early on we weren't into anything but drinking. At the end of the night, one kept pushing and I had to deal with him alone as my friend was in the bathroom getting sick along with 4 other females. Crazy! In the end my friend paid for a cab ride back to the hotel while the driver stared at my friend making sure she didn't mess up his ride. She ended up tipping him 8 pounds on a 12 pound ride she was so drunk...he loved her at the end of the ride...
Posted on: Feb 08, 2011
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Cathedral While on the Way to Dinn…
Cathedral While on the Way to Din…
Via Della Pace
Via Della Pace
After Dinner and Plenty of Wine
After Dinner and Plenty of Wine
The Girls!
The Girls!
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Everyone Needs a Little Southern …
Thumbs Up Southern Comfort
Thumbs Up Southern Comfort
Bottoms Up!
Bottoms Up!
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Bottoms Up Ashley!
Orange Cones Can Only Mean One Thi…
Orange Cones Can Only Mean One Th…
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Ashley's Birthday in the Red Ligh…
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