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My Packers Shirt! Oh Yeah!


Football!  You know, I used to be a big hater of the sport of football.  Growing up, my Father loved football.  It was life!  If you broke your arm during the game it was your own fault and you would have to wait until the game was done to go to the hospital.  Serves you right for messing around while the game was on!  That was life with Dad.

 So as I grew up, I learned to loathe football.  Until a funny thing happened, I met one of my best friends in NYC and he happens to have a football pool.  I told him that the picks were a joke and you didn't have to know anything about football to win the pool, it was all based off of luck.  He went on for 20 minutes about how it is a science.  Science?  I was born with a great sense of intuition and I put my money where my mouth is was and grabbed a sheet and circled my picks.

It Takes a Brave Man to Wear Packer Attire in NYC on Game Day!
  I won twice that year and ended up being one of the top five players out of thirty!  Intuition, baby!

But a sick thing began to happen.  I used to only watch the end of the games to get the scores, but over time I found myself watching entire games.  My roommate would come home and ask what I was doing.  I would tell him I was watching the game.  He would stare at me in disbelief and say, "But you hate football!"

My response, "Yeah, I know."

But secretly there was love for the game and along the way there was deep love born for The Packers.  I have never been to Wisconsin, I had never even thought about going to Wisconsin until my 50 State Mission came to be this year.  But my two best friends are from Wisconsin and they got me addicted.
The Meadowlands - Giant's Stadium (Well for That Week at Least)
  Watching The Packers became like crack to me and some thought I may need an intervention.  Hey, if loving The Packers is wrong, I don't want to be right.  Save the intervention for the Giants fan downstairs, he needs it big time and is always telling me how they are the better team and have a history as impressive as The Packers.  Not quite, my friend!  Not quite...

My friend Noah is a huge Packers fan, he is a fanatic!  We were both a little bummed that Favre may be retiring this year and that we would never get to see the master play.  Though the way he is playing this year, I think he may be back!  But a strange thing happened the fall of 2007.  Someone I know would not be able to use his tickets for the Giants/Packers game and we could have his tickets if we were free on Sunday.
Halftime Score - Not To Worry, This is a Happy Ending!
  Nothing short of a major disaster could have kept me from that game.  Nothing!  I called up Noah and let him know the football gods were looking out for us and to free up his Sunday no matter what he had to do.  Consider it done!

If you are a Giants fan, you may want to end the blog here.  No disrespect, but I love The Packers and that is the way it is, I can't be swayed!

The day of the game was perfect as far as the temperature.  It was around 75 with a nice cool breeze.  It was sunny for half the game and then the sun would disappear behind the clouds for a prolong period of time which I liked.  I am almost an albino, so I can't be in the sun for too long without turning a nice shade of red.  Tanning doesn't exist in my world so sun block is my best friend.
Touchdown Packers!!!

Our bus was a little late getting to the games so we were trying to rush to our seat which is no easy feat at the Giants stadium, it is huge and we had decent seats at the 40 yard line 15 seats up.  While trying to get to our destination we were getting hazed of course as The Packers fans were in the minority.  That and Noah was rockin' his cheese hat!  Ah, yes, the ever popular cheese hat!  You have to love fans of a team that have no problem wearing a wedge of cheese on their heads.  I love the cheeseheads, they are very docile creatures and love their team no mater what.  Give them a beer, a brat and The Packers and they are happy!

Unfortunately we had missed the teams running onto the field, but we did make it in time for the national anthem and fighter planes flying overhead.
Football Action Shot!
  Very cool!  Then the magic began!  Noah had never been to a football game before either as Packer tickets takes years to get or you have to have a lot of money or connections in Wisconsin, which he does not.

I was so used to watching the game at home that watching the game live was confusing at first.  I had a tough time following the game at times because I was used to the cameras helping me out which obviously was not happening at a live game.  That and the announcers would also tell me what was going on and would keep me focused, but by the end of the first half, I had it down.  That and I was having a terrific time even tough 
the Packers were down by three at half time and I was really hungry.  Both Noah and I knew that it was a long walk to the concessions stand with our Packer attire on and as we began the walk, the hazing started.
Cheeseheads at Giant's Stadium.
  People were telling us that there were no hard feelings and that there was a whole second half...indeed there was and payback is a bitch!

So quickly we retrieved our overpriced hotdogs and nachos and headed back to our seats.  I normally hate hotdogs, but those leftover animal bits tasted great with mustard as the second half began.  Though I won't even act like I liked the cheese sauce; I had paid extra for it and it was petrified scariness.  Even Noah wouldn't eat it and he eats everything!  So we kicked it under the seat and enjoyed the bland salsa instead.  Who cares, we were at the Packer's game and we were hopeful!

Halftime was apparently what the Packers needed because they were looking great and coming back with a vengeance.
End Game: 35 to 13
  The coach must have yelled at them hardcore because they weren't messing around and even got an interception in the second half.  Hallelujah!  I almost cried a little, but then I realized it was just the crappy cheese sauce messing with my stomach.

By the 4th quarter, the Packers were killing the Giants 28 to 13 and the Giants fans were getting rowdy.  They were screaming how the coach should have been fired last season and that Manning sucked.  Wow, it was getting crazy!  But Noah and I laughed; liquor and sporting events don't mix or do they?  The more they yelled the harder we laughed, we were winning!

The stadium began to slowly empty as the Giants fans began to leave.  There were only five minutes left and The Packers defense was killing them.
Score Before the Extra Point. Notice the Empty Stands
  The sad look on the faces of the Giants fans filled the aisles.  You could see the look of hate directed towards the Packer's fans who were still proudly donning their cheeseheads, including Noah who was all smiles.

It only got worse as the Packers scored yet another touchdown making the score 13 to 35.  We went wild and stayed until the final seconds ticked away.  We weren't going to miss a moment of it.  As we were leaving the stadium, we realized we probably should have.  The line to get to the bus was two miles long and it took and hour to get onto the bus.  But we had a good time waiting in line as other Packer's fans congratulated us and the Giant's fans hated.  One Giant's fan wanted to buy Noah's cheese hat from him for $50, but we knew it would be for evil purposes and declined.
Skyline Back to NYC - Go Pack Go!
  We had honor!

My feet were tired from standing as we finally climbed up the bus stairs and began walking past all of the Giants' fans on the bus.  We choose a seat towards the front as there were not many Packers' fans there and we were afraid of retaliation, but reasoned that there was nothing to fear, they weren't Raiders fans so we should be safe.  We kicked back in our seats, reviewed the pictures and stared out the window at the beautiful skyline as the people behind us complained about how the Giant's sucked that day. I guess Dad was right, football is good, my friend...


HCSmooth66 says:
You definitely need to get to Green Bay for a game. I love the blog you've got. Tickets in Green Bay aren't nearly as hard to come by as you would think. You'd wait several lifetimes to get season tickets, but you can always find tickets available to any game.

If they ever get the NFL back up and running again we should plan a game, I'll figure out tickets. I usually go up for a game once every year or 2.
Posted on: May 14, 2011
binky says:
I know, right? Though I am not a Rodgers fan, I am still just a little giddy...Go Pack Go!
Posted on: Feb 09, 2011
vances says:
What a perfect time for this to be featured!!!
Posted on: Feb 08, 2011
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My Packers Shirt!  Oh Yeah!
My Packers Shirt! Oh Yeah!
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It Takes a Brave Man to Wear Pack…
The Meadowlands - Giants Stadium …
The Meadowlands - Giant's Stadium…
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Halftime Score - Not To Worry, Th…
Touchdown Packers!!!
Touchdown Packers!!!
Football Action Shot!
Football Action Shot!
Cheeseheads at Giants Stadium.
Cheeseheads at Giant's Stadium.
End Game: 35 to 13
End Game: 35 to 13
Score Before the Extra Point.  Not…
Score Before the Extra Point. No…
Skyline Back to NYC - Go Pack Go!
Skyline Back to NYC - Go Pack Go!
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