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One of the More Impressive Water Towers I Have Seen...I Haven't Seen Many

This summer I came up with the idea to visit all 50 states in the US.  Now I know this isn't a new idea, but after traveling to other places around the world, I figured that it would also be a good idea to get to know my own country.

Now I have always wanted to go to Rhode Island since I was a little girl.  Why you ask?  Because it is there.  No, the truth is that when I saw that it was the tiniest state in the country I was sold.  I have even thought about having my first child there, only because I have never known anyone from Rhode Island before.  As you can see, I get crazy ideas in my head and run with them.

The day I visited Rhode Island I actually had the intention of visiting Connecticut only, but my friend Chip mentioned that we were very close to Rhode Island and could hit Providence in 45 minutes from where we were.

Welcome to Rhode Island...I Like That Sound
  I jumped at the chance; who wouldn't?

it was a rainy day on our way to Providence.  I have to say there wasn't much there but interstates and a big water tower that made me a little nervous.  But once we saw the sign welcoming us, my spirits lifted.  First off Providence is close to the border so it didn't take long for us to get out of the car and onto the street.  The first place we visited was the Capitol Building, it was raining at that point so we didn't stay out long, not that there was much to do there on a Sunday in front of the Capitol building anyway.

After that we hopped back into the car and started cruising the streets.  Instead of staying on the main drag we decided to head up to the hills where we had seen some interesting architecture.

The Capitol Building in Providence
  What we found was that Providence has a lot of colleges and universities.  That and churchs...hmmm...not a lot to do.  That and it was Sunday!

So we decided we needed to hit civilization, so we hit the mall since it was open.  Now normally when I visit places, I would not go to a mall, but we were desperate!  So we figured this would be interesting...well, for a mall. 

I have to say for a smaller city, the mall was pretty large.  So large that when we tried to leave we couldn't find our car, but I am getting ahead of myself.  Instead of a quick jaunt through the mall as we expected, we actually ended up staying a few hours.  I ended up buying $125 of stuff I didn't need; clothing, jewelry and candles; Yankee Candles, which Chip ended up breaking in the store.

Dinner at Fire and Ice makes my pocketbook empty and light.
  He lifted it up by the lid.  Never a good idea, but he wasn't himself that day.  You could tell they were annoyed, but they were very nice about it.  Good thing I bought something to soften the blow.

After a while we got really hungry and decided to grab some dinner. Chip suggested a restaurant called Fire and Ice.  I wasn't so sure, but nothing else was open.  It was Sunday!  So we grabbed a couple of bowls, threw some food into them and took them to the grill where it was prepared to our liking.  It was pretty good until I saw the bill. $24 for a plate of food!  The woman asked if we wanted more, I told her we were done, she looked shocked.  I guess getting one round isn't usual.  But because I don't like to stuff myself, I paid the price.

Because God Loves neon...
..all $24 of it.  Per Person!  That is why I like to choose smaller less trendy venues, but you live and learn.

After dinner we decided it was time to leave, but we couldn't find our car because we didn't exit the right doors, but after the big dinner we needed the walk so it all worked out.  The rain finally started to clear as we hit the freeway.  But before we left, we were left with one of our most memorable visuals of Rhode Island; a neon blue cross looming over the gloom.  Because God loves neon, my friend.




johnsmith5082 says:
The high hopes of journeying north to freedom and the slippery wolf-filled byways of Harlem were Fisher's subject matter. Although Fisher himself thrived, he was aware and recorded somber views in blues lyrics and in sights such as Mammy's in "The Promised Land": Harlem. Thought all along 't was d'las' stop 'fo' Heaven. Canaan hitself. Reg'lar promis' lan'. Well, dat's jes whut 't is—a promisin' lan'. All it do is promise.... My people done fo'got dey God grabbin' after money" (and sensations money could buy).

Rhode Island Treatment Centers
Posted on: Aug 09, 2008
binky says:
I know it is amazing, but looking at that photo, who could say no?
Posted on: Jan 20, 2008
bkretzer says:
edit commnet---its "knew" not "new", or maybe it's gnu, whatever
Posted on: Jan 20, 2008
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One of the More Impressive Water T…
One of the More Impressive Water …
Welcome to Rhode Island...I Like T…
Welcome to Rhode Island...I Like …
The Capitol Building in Providence
The Capitol Building in Providence
Dinner at Fire and Ice makes my po…
Dinner at Fire and Ice makes my p…
Because God Loves neon...
Because God Loves neon...
Houses on the Hills of Providence
Houses on the Hills of Providence
Me in Front of the Capitol Building
Me in Front of the Capitol Building
The Rainy Streets of Providence.
The Rainy Streets of Providence.
Like Your Grumpy Uncle, But Taller!
Like Your Grumpy Uncle, But Taller!
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