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     This's will be the first time that I traveling far away from my home,I know it not that far but you know first time and it's India.I'm fly by Jet airways it's pretty good about the service 5hours and now I'm in Indira Kanthi international airport  New Delhi,India.
First time when I'm off the plane to the arrival gate here it's so strange yes I think everybody will think the same when you saw the soldier carry the machine gun in their hand.I felt like a I'm in Iraq and when I reach to the immigration  is pretty smooth but a bit slow.Now I'm off from the airport get in my friend's car ready to drive to Chandigarh even now it's 12 A.
Auto meter???
M. at first I thought it will take 2-3hours but I'm totally wrong it's took us almost 6hours to get there.The traffic in India is so awful and the road is not that good at all.So we reach my friend house aroud 7A.M.
Chandigarh is a very well plan city everything is so nice even the people and one more thing that impress me it's about architecture.All the house in this city is so nice and they told me it's from French style some like that.Not too many touristic place here so I went to the famous one "The Rock Garden" this garden was decorated by rock.Then I went to section17 is like a shopping arcade there to look around and I saw the cinema there too.
Then I have a chance to go Amitsar  visit Golden Temple this's a very holy place when I reach there it's so hot.At first I can't get in to the temple because the security don't let me in if I don't have something to cover my head.
that's me at the india gate....who's those 2indian guys?
So I have to borrow some piece of fabric there to tie to my head(a bit sticky).Then I get in and have to walk around the temple before get inside the temple.One old Indian man talking to me and he said I'm very lucky girl who have a chance to come here God will protect me whole my life,feel so good after I heard that.Some of people going there and take a bath from the water of the temple because they believe that will keep them healthy.
After spend 2weeks in Chandigarh now I decided to say good bye to my friend and heading to New Delhi.I plan to fly with Air Deccan but my friend told me better to take a train because sometime Air Deccan is unsettle.So I took Shatabi express train to Delhi.It's very comfy train that I ever had,they serve drink and some snack as well that's perfect for a price.I paid for 550 Rupees for the ticket.It's took me only 3hours to get to New Delhi.When I reach there so amazing many people at the train station ,I'm kind da nerve now.Everybody keep looking at me it's because I wear a skirt?
Anyway,I have to wait my friend to pick me up.It took about an hour to wait him(I want to kill him now).Then he show up...can you imagine how relief I am at that time.
Now time to discover New Delhi,I have to take a taxi from his house to Delhi because he live in Gaziabad(10kms from Delhi).And it's my mistake because I thought he live in Delhi so it's make me a bit problem when I want to go back there in the evening because nobody want to go there they said they have to pay for interstate toll something.So I have to take auto to Noida mall the take another auto to Shipa mall...oh my god it's tired like a hell.
I went to CP(Caunaught  Place)this place like a siam square in Bangkok but I get lost here because it's a circle that I try to find the exit but always back to the same point lol
Then One Indian man came to me and talk to me,I told him I'm fine and I can go by myself but he still keep talk to me and he said he want to practice his English he not going to sell anything but if he just pay attention and see that I'm asian not Caucasian why you want to practice English with me?I try to get rid of him but at least it take me 2hours for that.Then I'm heading to Janpath with Barry(Indian friend from Couchsurfing).We went to India gate too and he help me a lot for bargain so I got 10Indian T-Shirt style for souvenior and some mirror.Then I went to travel agency there actually I just want free map but at some point I bought 1packgage tour is about $160 for 3day2night include hotel and car,that's not bad.
I have to travel with Spanish guy because I don't want to go alone so the travel agency just put us together.But the nightmare have begun because the driver don't turn AC on even it's hot like a hell and I almost to die lol
We arrived in Jaipur(pink city) and it's so beautiful here.We went to Jaipur palace,Jaipur fort then heading to the hotel.Here's surprise me about the men's toilet  that located on the sidewalk so I can see when the man ......
In the evening the driver took us to very nice restaurant and he said it's recommend by lonelyplanet.Great,finally I will have meat in my food ..yeah!
And here Spanish guy found a group of Spanish sit next to us so we have a little conversation and it was nice.
Now we heading to Agra(Taj Mahal city),I really want to see it especially when you are in India already this must have in your list.
We reach Agra a bit late because we stop on the way for the driver have some food lol
But I still want to go Taj Mahal because if I don't go today I will not have a chace to see it  according to I have to leave early morning tomorrow.So I decide to see Taj Mahal alone the ticket 750Rupees include 1bottle of water actually a small one.
Then I found 1guy try to advertise me for a guide so I decide to hire him better than walk alone.
Taj Mahal is amazing and it's worth to see for sure.But a little problem come to me again when I try to get out of Taj Mahal I couldn't find the exit and it's dark now.
I'm the last person there who can speak English,can you imagine that?
Finally I got to the gate with the Indian police officer  and try to find the way back to hotel luckily the driver was there and found me.
I'm piss off and really tired so I'm crying and call my mom ask her to change the ticket I want to go home immediately.
But yeppp ...when I'm at home I really want to go back to India now!
mimimini says:
just do it and let me know hen u come back,yah!
Posted on: Jun 06, 2011
aiohdmg says:
Sawassdee ka (^_^)
I love to read your India trip experience so much.
You are so brave heart gal to start the 1st backpack alone in india.
So, i think No anywhere in this world is so hard for you. (^_______^)
Posted on: Mar 03, 2009
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Auto meter???
Auto meter???
thats me at the india gate....who…
that's me at the india gate....wh…
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