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The National Museum
This is a big city, and seems like it could easily belong in Western Europe.  I've found a lot to do, from the restaurants, castle, nightlife scene, and lounging on the river.  The city is quite different from Prague--whereas Prague is somewhat of a toyland, with everything in close proximity to one another, Budapest is spread out, and the town is even distinctly separated by a river.  Buda, on the west side, is home of the castle and has maze-like streets, whereas Pest is on the west, is the commercial center, and has easily-navigable streets.

I went to Old Man's music pub last night, which has a slightly-older crowd, but live bands every night and great music afterward.  There's a pub upstairs, a dance club downstairs, and they work well together.  An amusing part of the night was after dancing downstairs, I went to the bar to grab a drink, and started talking to a girl seated at the bar.  This is how the conversation went:

Me: Hey, I saw you moving on your seat, you look like you want to dance.  How come you're not out there?
She: I like the music, but I'm shy.  I just came here.
Me: Oh?  Where are you from?
She: Ukraine.
Me: What brought you here?
She: Business.
Me: I am involved in business, what business are you in?
She: The sex business.  You want sex?
Me: ...
Circuitloss says:
I've been to Old Man's before. Fun place.
Posted on: May 01, 2007
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The National Museum
The National Museum
Parliament (under renovation)
Parliament (under renovation)
Matthias Church
Matthias Church
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St. Stephen's Basilica dome
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The National Gallery from atop th…
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