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My Greek driver from Lorsch to just past Köln
After the longest wait I've ever had I got a ride all the way to Köln with a great Greek man, and just a little further, a little too far for me. He stopped at the next available parking after Köln and asked someone how far we were from the city. He returned to me with the answer, five kilometers, so now, do I walk back along the autobahn like he's suggesting and I'm very aware is illegal, or do I keep riding with him, much further than I want to to Dusseldorf? He seemed positive that the police would be no problem, and I just thought, sure I'll try and see how it goes. With a constant flowing river of cars and trucks it was impossible to cross to the other side and try and get a lift in so I just walked along the side of the Autobahn. As I was walking I looked at the sky, I looked at the traffic, I looked out to the fields at my left, to the stones lying on my path... and up to the Polizei car that had just stopped infront of me, especially for me. Cheerily 'Hello, spreken zie englisch?', German accent 'a little'. They were quite cool about the whole thing after telling me that people had been calling saying there's someone walking on the autobahn, informing me of the dangers which I was already aware of, but I just said I didn't want to be walking along here, it's just where I ended up. I was informed of a bridge over the autobahn just a little further on where I could scurry up get away from the traffic and find a train, and that's just what I did. In fact, I caught eight seperate trains, all the way to Antwerpen!
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My Greek driver from Lorsch to jus…
My Greek driver from Lorsch to ju…
photo by: lauro