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So it's been about 3 years since I've been to Italy. I went in 2004 , absolutely amazing in history and architecture but the food was horrible. Some love it but I did not find it fresh or inviting in the least. The best foods was bread, cheese, ham's, pastries and the gelatto was awesome the rest I could have done without and did. lol.  We traveled via train the whole way from Rome to Sorrento back to Rome to Florence (Firenza) to Venice.  All had something about them I loved.

Naples was probably the worst location by far. A complete chaotic dump that looked as if it never got over World War II.

Sorrento was breath taking, the massive cliffs over the sea, the scent of lemons, olives and salt water in the air. Black walnut gelatto. Lemonchello. A beautiful and romantic escape.

Rome was the hippest, lively, chaotic kind of a whirl wind of an affair, enchanting to walk as you never knew what you were going to stubble upon. This is a city that respectively needs a month plus to really enjoy. There is far too much for anyone to see in a week or even two.

Firenza! I feel in love with Florence.  Coming in on the train was entirely misleading to say the least.  When we arrived the view coming in was horrible.  I was thinking "there is no way in hell I'm getting off this train" but I did and it was well worth it. I loved the cobblestones, the intimacy, the refined life, art, columns, piazza's, outdoor shopping, flower markets, buildings, history, bronzed statues everywhere, the river, the large wooden medieval doorways, Medici!, cafe's cafe con leche, Ciao bella!, narrow streets, vespa's, mini three wheeled vendor trucks and the massive duomo in the heart of the city.

Venice the city of love and merchants and yes they go hand and hand. It's expensive to be in love in this city unless you've go a black american express card, pray your sweetie isn't materialistic as you'll go poor.  The city thrives during the day but by 5pm it's nearly a ghost town.  Outdoor restaurants fill up but most seek refuge inside, or it appeared. Getting about was easy, you could get lost if you really tried but it was interesting meandering through the narrow streets and bridges. The vaparettos were a breeze to get on and off whenever. Boats to the islands were fast and efficient.  Well worth going to Murano for a different perspective...oh and the glass. lol. St. Marco Square in the focal point and worth the trip. You have to stop for a coffee in the little cafe's.  Absolutely my kind of place. Two of the coffee shops have been around since the 17th centurey the haunts of poets and writers abroad. Served on silver platters, waiters in tuxedo's and orchestra's playing in the piazza. FABULOUS!

Anyway I loved Italy, the train travel was a easy.
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