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I think my itinerary pretty clearly shows that our travel agent DOES NOT like me. I had first flight from Phoenix to Denver at 8 am, which meant a 4:30 awakening. That's 1:40 long flight... just so that I could spend more than 6 hours at a layover there! I learned a lot about patience today. As well as limits to how long I can be sitting. I did try to change the scheduling, but Lufthansa said, and I quote "We cannot change your itinerary until you fly out." I have no comment on that.
At least I did manage to get myself window sits... no thanks to the travel agents on that one either. And being a dual citizen, entry into Russia was amazingly painless. Let's see what exit will look like.

As to being in Russia for the first time in 13 years, I must say: who frigging took my Russian language? This is the same feeling I had in Sweden, everything feels so different, but then you see the names of the stores, the advertisements and TV and it's like you never left US.
Disturbing. And no, there are not supposed to be frigging "condominiums" in Russia. They were apartments for sale before, they should be apartments for sale now.

The other weird feeling comes from the fact that everyone treats me like I am a Russian that's always lived her, since I speak the language just fine. Yet, I can't even figure out what beer to order which I can't really explain away by saying "I am new to St. Petersburg!" They must think I am retarded. And it sure as hell confuses them why I use dollars. But they don't complain either :)

So, a full day is up ahead, it should be interesting.

P.S. There are people all over the city, walking! Having lived in suburbia for 13 years, it is such a nice feeling. And for guys out there, yes, the women are as hot as always.
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