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It is quite funny when I think about it now. Australia is famous for all kind of poisonous wildlife crawling around and I keep telling my family and friends that when I am in OZ land I am not doing any silly things, like walking into the bush or going near river banks when I am in crocodile country. But somehow when I look back now I did not always go by my own rules.

We had our camp near the Pentecost river (crocs we were told are in there) and for a wash up and your toilet visit of course you had to move away from the group into the bush.  In the evenings we had to collect the firewood and of course that was not piled up nice and neat beside the road.

It got dark quite early and most of the time we got up before sunrise. So you had to wander around only equipped with a head light sticking to your forehead or a flash light in your hand to find a little privacy for your “morning poo” how our friend from Japan called it.

I do not want to do know often anyone of us walked passed something we should not have been close to. Anyway when you do this kind of travelling I guess you do not think about it so much. We had a fire going all night to keep the crocs away from our campsite; well I do not know if Jack, our guide, just told us the story to scare us. In fact we were not really that far away from the river ……….

Anyway I decided to put up our tent behind the others and close enough to the car. I remember once I woke up in the middle of the night and looked up because I heard some noise … it was Jack starting the fire again because it has burned out…..  

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Pentecost River crossing ....
Pentecost River crossing ....
Pentecost River
photo by: koala
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