okay ... I am in Brisbane now ... and nearly left without my passport!

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finally arrived in Brisbane but my trip is not over yet. I took the train from the international to the domestic airport and only a few hours to get on the next flight! At least I got some sleep on the plane so I felt quite awake! But I was not awake enough because I lost my passport!! I was so lucky that some one found it!

Here is the short story. While I was waiting in the launch I was keeping myself busy with getting things in and out my bag and double checking that nothing has fallen out of my bag. Then there was boarding I got on board - had a nice seat at the window and all exited to get  to Darwin. Still boarding the flight attended came up and asked me if I am the person on the boarding pass she was showing - well I was really surprised how she got that one because I just put it in my pocket. How did she get it??? Then she handed my a belt pocket and asked me if it was mine! And that was when I was really surprised because that bag of course was mine and inside was my passport! Well, I still do not know how I managed to lose my stuff but I am sure glad someone found it and handed it over to the QF staff and that they have managed to find out in time what flight I was on before we actually left the airport!!! Thank you to the unknown finder of my passport. I would have been in really big trouble without it!!! Hours later I was starting to realize what a mess it would have been!!! Lucky me!!


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