Rock pools - look who is wandering around at night

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one of many rock pools

In the afternoons and mornings I explored the rocks and the river nearby • fascinating what nature has done to the stone. In some places the water has shaved little and big rock holes (pools).

In the evenings it was quite a spooky area but nevertheless we had to go down there to get some water for cooking and cleaning the dishes. One evening when two of us went down we noticed that something with 2 big eyes was watching us in a distance. Not really sure what it was, but we thought it might have been a dingo. We decided that one of us should keep an eye and the flash light on whatever it was and the other will lead the way back to the camp …….  



Two Europeans went missing after they've left the campsite to get water. They never came back! Only two empty buckets and a shoe were left behind!


.....okay maybe I should not joke about it!


The walk to the “toilet” was quite adventures, too, at night. Without the campfire you wouldn't have know where to go - it was so dark that even your flash light did not help very much! Luckily I never had to go after the camp fire has burned out! JJ

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one of many rock pools
one of many rock pools
early morning
early morning
dried out rock pool
dried out rock pool
the spot from where something was…
"the spot from where something wa…
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