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standing in ice cold water of the Skogar stream

22nd Juli Skogar

What an incredible campsite, what an incredible day we had. So much running. From Reykjavik we went to a crater with a ten minute break, I went down to the bottom and had to run back up to get to the bus, had to run back down and back up because the camera fell out of my pocket. Gullfoss and Geysir were beautiful/ The plant life supported by the mist from the falls, 1 tonne of water per second. The hot springs at geyser were excellent; and hot and blue and grey and eggy.

We’ve just gone past the glacier and seen a giant frozen tounge snaking down to where it creates a river.

Lastnight we went up 382 stairs and over the waterfall of the campsite to catch the glacier 10km away, but when I ran off to find it the clouds took it away from me and after running back for mieke’s scarf as we were leaving, the clouds disappeared with only their echoing laughter remaining.

Icelandic horse and sleeping bebbey at Skogar

Up in the hills surrounding the skogarfoss I saw the remains of long petrified trolls and I could have sworn I herd them. I also met a ram with a young sheep who seemed threatened by me as he jumped to attention.

The minute plant life supporting a magical population of white moths, which only seem to appear when you step near them, covers the area. It’s astounding to see the mountains in their stoic beauty and realise that on the amazing enormous sentinels is a dense layer of life which is just as amazing.

As we fell asleep lastnight to the sound of skogarfoss I was thinking that in the morning I had to go into the water, and I did, and it was cold, it was hard to breathe, it flows from the glacier, it was cold.

From the thermal pool on Wednesday, the hot pot at 45° to a stream that seriously felt like liquid ice.

view of Skogarfoss as I open our tent first thing in the morning, what an amazing place to camp

In the morning sun as I stood in the water the rain-like spray from the waterfall created a ring of rainbow, the base coming to my feet and as I walked with my rainbow ring following me I realised that no one else could see my rainbow and no one ever could, they can only ever see their own.


No one else can see anything I see.

At the black sand beach town of Vik I just ate choc covered vanilla icecream with a liquorice centre. Mieke didn’t like it.

AndiPerullo says:
Everyone DOES have a rainbow! Great entry. :)
Posted on: Jun 05, 2007
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standing in ice cold water of the …
standing in ice cold water of the…
Icelandic horse and sleeping bebbe…
Icelandic horse and sleeping bebb…
view of Skogarfoss as I open our t…
view of Skogarfoss as I open our …
my rainbow :)
my rainbow :)
and the ice falls
and the ice falls
photo by: Vikram