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Well, this page once had a nice list of suggestions and flowery "thank you´s" for such a great program. But, since it was deleted and I only have twenty minutes before I run out of money, I will just list the highlights of my previous letter, a letter of constructive critisism about the trip abroad:

  • Better access to internet- especially since the projects are all to be submitted on line
  • BA to Iguassu to Floripa to Curitiba... and spread out the class in Floripa and Curitiba
  • Class on the bus rides inbetween- no need to waste precious time when we are outside
  • Classes based on weather patterns- so we can enjoy the beaches when the sun if out
  • Final exams are good- we already know what to expect
  • Bogs are great... perftect quantity and quality (level)
  • Residencias are great- except the lady that runs it
  • The bus tours were great, infact all tours are great... I enjoy getting outside and walking around
  • 3 day weekends, every weekend...
  • Class scheduled in evening or morning (but preferably not morning) so we can do stuff and see things in the day time... speaking of BA mostly
  • better or current list of assignments... clarity could be improved
  • Bowman, Felipe, Jeff, and Gabrielle... and that soccer guy we had in BA that was from Brazil were great lecturers... (although we need more potty breaks) everyone else who was a guest.. like the ones in Floripa... umm... not as top-notch.
  • more integration with Argentines/Brazilians... maybe have Danielle, Norberto, and Santiago join us earlier... or some oter students?

-thanks again.

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Sao Paulo
photo by: joesu