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I'm back and in Cork now I left Dublin at 8am and got to cork via bus around 12:30 pm the bus was pretty cheap only 10 Euros though I think I got ripped off because just as i was getting on the bus the sign by the ticket office change to 7.20 euros from dublin to cork, when I paid 10.50 euros so i would think they should have said something to me, it was too late to jump off the bus and go say something so lesson number 1 learned in Europe ask about special deals before buying your ticket.I'm staying at shielas hostel here in Cork and the price was good but the room...........lets just say I've seen jail cells bigger and the kitchen.....we won't go there at this point but i guess you get what you pay for.I noticed as i was walking through town to the hostel that there's alot of polish signs around so I'm assuming alot of polish people come here, so far in both Dublin and here in Cork that the Eastern Europeans I've run across or have seen give you the stare down as i call it, I just pass by say hi and keep going of course they've yet to say hi back.Cork seemsl ike a fairly cool place so far but I haven't really had a chance to poke around much I will do that tomorrow as I'm here until the 10th.I wish i had taken my camera with me on the bus as we were driving down the freeway which i assume is what it was we were on we passed this big castle sitting on top of a hill, it was strange seeing an old castle with modern day houses around it.I'm hoping to see some more castles like it around here, on another note I absolutely hate my sony camera it takes crappy pictures and they come out all blurry so I'm going to go in search of a newer one so it may be a day or two before I post some decent pictures, so I guess you'll just have to deal with no pictures at this point......I know boohoo right?? LOL..........the weather has been fairly decent since i got to Ireland so lets hope it stays this way for the next 3 days it also hasn't really been cold like I expected it to be, while on the bus from Dublin to cork we made a stop at one of the smaller towns to pick up people and my god a load of teenagers pack into the bus which made me laugh because as they all got on and sat down every single one of them pops out an ipod and their cell phones and start texting each other and listening to music and taking pics of one another sitting on the bus heading to cork so I've come to the conclusion that teens everywhere in the world are exactly the same they all have cell phones and they all have an ipod hooked to thier ears LMAO!!!

lovely_lori88 says:
try cannon for a camera! so far it's never let me down, well except for the small fact that i dropped it and broke it but either than that...thats the camera melissa and i both used while in europe and our pics turned out pretty good:) your comment about teenagers makes me true! and plus thats what i
Posted on: Dec 07, 2007
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photo by: sarah_82