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  Hello everyone!

     well me made it to Sout America! We arrived on the 5 am flight to La ┬ĘPaz, bolivia. The flight was uneventful. We DID get first class however. I sat by a lady that worked for the IATA thing for airlines. She had never been to high altitude before. She was more nervous than I was. She asked the flight attendent just before landing what she should do about it and he explained that they started Depressurizing the plane hours ago so that the shock wouldn{t be as bad. High altitude landings in the mountains, in the dark, are very interesting. The turbulence down here was non existent. We flew right over the top of the airport and past it about 40 miles. Then we made a sweeping u-turn and dropped down a little. Landings at 13500 ft require a special setup on an airplane. When landing, they have to land twice as fast as at sea level and it takes twice as long to stop. according to this thing on the plane that i was reading, it takes 5km of runway for a 757 to take off from LaPaz. I don{t know how long their runway is.

      After we landed, We headed off to customs and to look for our missing bags. American was out of custom forms on the plane. That made the little customs agent a little preturbed. with customs done, we headed to the bag lady. she was a little older but wholy shit she was a hotty. very helpful as well. As a matter of fact, she was the only english speaking person that we ran into at the airport(and most of the day). 

     When we finally made it to the taxi stand (still without bags), we where pleasantly surprised to see that the touts are not that bad in this country. very respectful and they give you space. upon arriving at the bus terminal, we found that the touts where exactly the same as the airport. A quick look inside and we found a bus company that promised us a ride to cusco for 100 bolivianos each. they also promised us a bus with a "bano" (toilet) and meals. NOTHING ON THAT BUS WORKED INCLUDING THE BANO! well nothing cept the brakes, which was clutch. the worst expierence on that bus was when our driver decided to do a uturn near the peruvian border. WE where on a CLIFF! NOT COOL! I think that everyone on the bus thought we where going over. Thank our lucky stars that the catholic nuns blessed our bus and said a prayer before we departed. We met a really neat kid named eebar or something that does shoe shines at the border crossing. If you ever travel this way, take him up on it. he is very expierenced and he speaks a little english. He is not pushy at all.

   we have to head to the airport to check on bags. i will finish this later.  

AuntDebbie says:
Thank Goodness u be there now....LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!!!!
Posted on: Oct 16, 2007
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