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Gardens adjacent to the Louvre

Bon Jour !  We arrived in London after a rather exhausting journey from Boston.  Alas, I was seated next to the finest looking man in the Western Hemisphere (unfortunately married), but he bought me two drinks and we had a lovely conversation!  Mom & Dad were squished but managed to get a few hours of sleep on the plane.  We arrived early at Heathrow and were stuck in a 45 -minute line through customs.  Our customs guy was really nice & although Mom and Dad could not understand a word he said, essentially he was admonishing us (joking, of course) for not staying longer in London, i.

In front of the Pyramide at the Louvre, Paris, France
e. why the heck would we want to go to France?  We headed to the taxi - stopping for some money along the way - and I fortunately got another chance to say au revoir to Andrew, my seat mate.  With a heavy sigh and heart, we parted ways and made our way to the black cab which was unfortunately pink with "SANDALS RESORT" garishily written on either side.  Alas, we had a wonderful cab driver who dropped us at Waterloo in record time given the London rush hour traffic.   We made our way through to the gate at Waterloo and Martha was waiting for us near the gate to the train ... in a lovely yellow scarf, no less!  Hugs and kisses all around ... we waited to board the train for only a short time. 

The Eurostar is the best way to travel - we sat in four seats and were served a lovely brunch, complete with Bordeaux (blanc and rouge), and a Bloody Mary (or two) for Martha!  We chatted, caught up as Dad promptly fell asleep before we hit the Chunnel.

On the tour of the city ... Place de Pyramides
  :)  There are some pics you have to see ... although I did not sneak in a picture of Mom sleeping - and snoring - much to Martha's chagrin !    We arrived in Paris on time and made our way to the hotel in separate cabs.  The hotel is small, but its central location more than makes up for its size.  We are steps from the Metro at Place St. Michel and only a few blocks from Notre Dame.  Yesterday afternoon we went to Petit du Pont for some late afternoon fare & wine and then meandered over to Notre Dame for some pictures.  Because it was still early, we decided to take an evening cruise on the Seine.  It was perfect!   (Dad fell asleep half-way through the trip, but it was okay because he saw the highlights!)  The Eiffel Tower was beautifully lit up .
Church that held the remains of Napoleon ... narcissist that he was.
.. Martha called Jen as we headed past it ... it is something everyone should see.  J'adore Paris ! 

After the cruise - which lasted about an hour or so - we headed back to the hotel for much needed rest.  The city is very crowded due to the 2007 Rugby World Cup championship ... there are lots and lots of people here from all over the world. 

This morning we headed out around 10:30 or so ... we slept in a bit...and headed towards the Louvre.  We purchased tickets for the 2:30 pm bus tour around the City.  First, we stopped at Maroquinerie Saint-Honore - the BEST PURSE SHOP IN THE WHOLE WORLD.  I didn't go crazy - like I did the first time I stepped into what a purse lover could only describe as Mecca  - but I did buy a lovely red purse that is nothing short of heaven !!  After our shopping spree, we headed towards a cafe called Le Royale for a quick lunch.

Bridge de le Alexandre
  Our waiter was definitely Paris-rude, but that's okay.... I managed to order in French, which was nothing short of impressive given I don't speak French.  I tried though - at least our snobby waiter was somewhat lukewarmed from my effort.  Lunch was FABULOUS ... quiche lorraine for Mom and I, salade with goat cheese for Martha and Poulet cruditenes for Bapa.  He could only eat half ... amazing.

Following our lunch, we headed towards Place de Pyramides and caught the 90-minute bus ride around the city.  I can't describe to you how much I love Paris ... we drove right by the street where I attended school in 2003.  Ah, memories.  We saw all the main sights ... and learned some history of the City as well.  Tonight we are attending Mass at Notre Dame at 6:30pm...we will have dinner after (we are drinking wine now) and then we'll drop Dad off at the hotel and head to the Moulin Rouge for a little burlesque! 

Love & miss you all -

kphuyck says:
Awesome Blog. .. send more stuff...Glad to hear you are all having a fabulous and hugs
Posted on: Oct 10, 2007
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Gardens adjacent to the Louvre
Gardens adjacent to the Louvre
In front of the Pyramide at the Lo…
In front of the Pyramide at the L…
On the tour of the city ... Place …
On the tour of the city ... Place…
Church that held the remains of Na…
Church that held the remains of N…
Bridge de le Alexandre
Bridge de le Alexandre
Martha at the Louvre
Martha at the Louvre
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