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Hola from Quito, Ecuador


Friday 5th October – 6:40 p.m.


So this is our first day in Quito and I have to say, on the scale of first days in new destinations, it isn’t really going that well. We went to the Centro Cultural Metropolitano at around noon, after having breakfast (a strange combo of mini-croissants, hash-browns and watermelon… that’s what I had anyway!) and meeting Dad to go to our new hotel, the Hotel Patio Andaluz. The Hotel Patio Andaluz is, according to the guidebook, one swish pad, which I cannot help but agree with. It probably has the most gorgeous rustic interior, which I usually hate with a passion, because it mostly done very badly, except here! The dark timber even appeals to me, and I can’t stand brown timber :] There is a beautiful inside garden that adjoins to a modern-y bar, which mum and dad have gone to right now. The reason for their cocktail obsession is that mum was pickpocketed (by a little kid!) and we had to go on a wild goose chase just to file a police report, going to an exchange place, three police stations and an information centre… and the cherry on the cupcake is that the police won’t do anything at all. They said, ‘You should be more careful of your possessions,’ which I couldn’t believe, since mum was wearing a bumbag (around her front) and so there was probably nowhere safer to have her money, but it got stolen. I remember the kids who did it, although we didn’t see it happen. Anyway, so got dragged around the city for about an hour and a half, which was very stressful, but I guess it could have happened to any of us, so there you go. The highlight of the lowlight of the day would have been the Centro Cultural Metropolitano, with an Andy Warhol exhibit, which I know would have fascinated some, but I have to admit that painting a soup can for a living, painting ordinary things, doesn’t really appeal to me very much. However, there was a giant tomato soup can, which was pretty cool. We went to lunch at a little outdoor café near the Centro Cultural Metropolitano and dad had some local cuisine, creviche, which is seafood marinated in lemon, which was quite unique. Alex, mum and I were a bit boring, with our sandwiches, spaghetti and lasagna. I couldn’t finish the lasagna, and felt incredibly guilty, since there was more than one hungry face on the street, which is why I can understand (but not condone) the reason for stealing. 70% of Ecuadorians live below the poverty line, so I was a bit guilty but Alex ate it up, as well as his.

That was our day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better; we’re planning on going up the Teleferico, which is a gondola (as it has been described) to the top of the surrounding mountains. Quito is surrounded by mountains, which reminds me of Vancouver (without the ocean) and Denver, since the altitude is about 9000 feet, which is pretty incredible! It doesn’t snow though, since its too close to the equator to get very cold weather. What it lacks in snow it makes up with in rain – there was a serious storm whilst we were on our wild goose chase, with huge raindrops the size of fifty cent pieces.


Buenas noches, Isabelle

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photo by: Bluetraveler