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Hab Hab

It's almost May - and time for the harvest celebration. My friends and I start to prepare for the upcoming event. After 5 years, Pahiyas festival once again falls on a weekend woohoo! :)

I frequented Lucban Quezon as its near my grandparents place. Through time, I've attended a good number of festivals already but I wont claim to be a pro. I just wanted to share some plans we do intend to take, just in case someone out there is interested to join in the fun.

Let's first start with the Basics - what is Pahiyas? From where i work it means a meeting room :) so for those who are not aware, there's a website that actually describe this festivity:

It is a fun experience because everyone is just all upbeat and happy with the surge of people and the work of art that each family make out of their own house.

Kamay ni Hesus
There was one time I even saw a roasted pig hanging and waiting for the parade to pass by for people to feast on. At least for people who had tried it before it is a fun memorable experience (and photo opportunity) that we can talk about for years.

Sharing some plans we had:

Going there: This Pahiyas festival we are considering going there via bus (taken from their terminal near Buendia LRT Station). The fare is estimated at 209 Pesos per trip. Back in 2005 we took our own vans and drive there, but the traffic is plain horrible that we'll try our fate by bus this time. Since we are travelling in a big group, we are also renting a jeep in the area to drive us around instead.

Must see places:

There's not a lot of big grand historic places around the Quezon area, but the itinerary we had the last time was more or less like this:

Lucban of course :) The houses will be decorated and they are sometimes open to the public to take pictures or even share some small snacks.

Lucban House
There is also a small church in the middle that looked like it had been there for a while.

Food in Lucban:

Pancit HabHab - canton looking noodles in banana leaf. It's inexpensive had very small amount of meat with vegetables like Sayote. You eat it off the banana leaf without any spoon and fork just smudge it straight to your mouth :) The secret of its flavors, really just like on the vinegar you soak it with :)

Lechon Lugaw - there is a small bakery what had a lugawan place beside it (congee). It is served with nice and crispy lechon kawali, I hope its open when you pass by :)

Ground Zero Pizzeria - we normally order the Calzone, specifically the flavor Almama my cousin and I just loved them :)

There are also pasalubong (take home) places around the Lucban area that you should stop by to buy local delicacies. We often frequented Campitas, and buy local delicacies like Broas, Puto Seko, Tikoy, Espasol, APAS are among our favorites. We also often stop by a local bakeshop and order Bonete bread :)

Tayabas Quezon. The town right before Lucban is also as exciting as Lucban though it wont be as decorated as Lucban will be :)

Common stop for Tayabas are as follows:

Kamay Ni Hesus - this place has a large grotto featuring the 12 stations of the cross and houses a Catholic church ran by Father Faller apparently known as a healing priests. It's a bit high that people can climb up the grotto steps and take pictures around. Normal amount of time spent here including picture opportunity is probably about an hour. (But no the climb itself dont take that long)

Nawawalang Paraiso - this is a resort with running spring water (really cold btw) and also a good place to stay for the Pahiyas. They have houses, dorm type rooms etc that are relatively cheaper than having actual hotel rooms. For this particular pahiyas festival though, when we checked apparently they are already fully booked too bad.

Graceland - Not sure if its open to all public but if you can get in, its a small country club that had a featured lagoon and other stuff. Its a good place to walk around as well. Graceland can be a place to stay though but its exclusive for membership that you have to find a member to be able to book the place. And i think apparently it's already fully booked.

For Food Places:

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan: This is the floating restaurant where the Kubos are floating from the pond. We mostly order Sisig, Grilled Pork Chop, Ginataang Tilapia (in coconut sauce). If you get lucky a vendor will walk by selling Ocho Ocho, its deep fried donut like delicacy covered with coco jam. A bit sweet but we loved. :)

Rodillas: Rodillas is a small canteen along the way. For some reason my family and I normally pass by this place for a quick snack. We normally order Halo Halo or Mais Con Yielo and our afternoon is complete.

For Pasalubong stops, just walk across the street from Rodillas you will find a row of Pasalubong place - we normally order Budin (Casava Cake) or my favorite Ube Fish (no its not really fish, its just Ube shaped out to be a fish). The Sampaloc (Tamarind) are also a good take out in this place.

Next Stop is Lucena Quezon.

This is where my grandparents are from so explains why I would know a lot about the area. For the past trip that we had, this is where we end up staying as its not too far from Lucband and a lot closer to known benefits of a city like a Jollibee, Mc Donalds, Seven Eleven and an SM Mall :)

There are a variety of Options to stay in Lucena (at least when we checked);

Diamond Hotel and Resort - costs about 700 pesos per person but the number of person per room might vary. They serve free breakfast and free use of pool.

Banahaw Hotel - this is by the diversion road (i personally find it a bit scary) but it was apparently cheap. Just a place for sleeping costs about 500 pesos for room good for 2. It apparently has wifi services but the resort itself is still under construction

Ouans Worth Farm - this is by Pagbilao and apparently not easily accessible by public transportation but they have dorm type rooms that is relatively affordable.

Places to Visit:

Since I'm from this Area, I dont know what will actually qualify for a tourist attraction :). I guess you can go to the Dalahican port and buy fresh fish there and I believe you can still swim? Its the port going to places like Marinduque which is generally famous during the lent season for its Sinakulo :)

Places to Eat:

Antigua Restaurant - this place had been an institution for almost 30 years now. Known for its siopao (pork buns) and Chami (stir fried noodles) is my personal favorite

Buddy's Pizza - this restaurant is actually also available in Makati, we normally order Habhab and sisig from thsi place too and we loved it :)

Smoked Fish - this is sold all over the place on the way to Dalahican beach. I always thought the fish was tuna but I'm no fish expert so i cant properly tell. I loved this best with my Uncle's special sauce though which unfortunately is not for sale. But definitely a must try

Zymorgy - is a local cafe that we visit from time to time. I guess I go there for the dessert like Blue Berry Cheesecake :)

Koffee Klutch - this is a local bakeshop, i personally love the Inipit (like tea cakes) that you might want to try as well)

The San isidro Festival is also celebrated in lucena so the streets will also be busy. Sometimes street entertainment like live bands are avaialble here too so you can walk around and find some entertainment to your liking. For Pasalubong, you can visit Leah's pasalubong place, you can avail pretty much what you can get from Campitas except probably + the giant Yemmas that I love.

Warning: Expect Horrible Traffic in Pahiyas! :) But for me, its fun and worth it, but dont quote me for it. :)

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Hab Hab
Hab Hab
Kamay ni Hesus
Kamay ni Hesus
Lucban House
Lucban House
photo by: planisphere