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No, this is not a romantic love story of some sort but I thought this saying is more appropriate to this experience. :)

Like I mentioned in my previous entry - Japan was the very first travel experience that I really had. I was 9 then - I honestly barely remember anything about being 9 except going to Japan. It was definitely one of those experiences that I think I will treasure for all my life and one day tell them to my children and grandchildren. Japan had been my measuring stick to all the countries I visited and has been by far my favorite of all time. I am still dreaming of one day going back to Japan and see it all again!

Weather/Environment - We went to Japan around April. It was summer in Manila and it was a delight to experience a colder climate being spring in Japan. I vividly remember the beautiful cherry blossom trees and even the deers along the temples that we went by. I remember seeing tiny little houses lived by millionaires and the gentle demure way of japanese girls. I remember seeing an Orange Tree and how fascinating it was! If the weather/environment isn't like Japan on spring - it doesnt even feel like I am abroad. Ow wait - I forgot to mention - this had been the first time I had seen snow in my life!!! We went to the trip to Mount Fuji and it has snow half way to the top! Btw, It was also the first time I learned snow hurts hehe :)

Five Star Hotels - I remember hopping from one hotel to another - each hotels having a grand lobby and a beautiful guest rooms. I always look forward being amazed with the great chandeliers and the warm comforters through the night. Though 5 star hotels are not a requirement when I travel, it is definitely an indicator of a high end trip. hehe :)

Nihonggo!! - Ichi, Ni, San. (one, two, three). Kore wa ikura deska? (how much is this?) Mushi Mushi! (Hello) Domo Arigato (Thank You very much!) - these are among the languages that I had learned from my short 9 day trip to Japan. It was great - although I think it might be a bit easier if they speak more english not that I would complain.

Culture - I loved the tiny little houses and how they still eat on the floor. I loved the cute little bonsai garden and the fancy small bridges. I loved that you get to see kimonos here and there still - and to learn that a wedding kimono can costs millions :-S My dad absolutely loved the street food and it was the first time I tasted green tea ice cream and never tried it again. I really thought it was avocado! But what the heck, maybe I will try it again. They got magnificent palaces and temples that are all just great! :)

Disneyland!!! - of course every kid will have a fond memory of disneyland right? ;) I remember riding the pirates of the carribean (or was it indiana jones?) - I remembered singing along with It's a Small World After All! I remember the parade - and the fact that I lost a tiny diamond ring and a hat there that made my mom so mad :( Did anyone of you happen to find it? :)

Technologically Advanced! - Did you know - that I actually got my frist driving lesson in Japan? We were in a car factory (Toyota I think, I wasnt sure) - they have tiny booths arcade like when you can drive and they actually have a tiny replica of a street outside and your car right there moving along. I think it was great! It was my first real recollection that told me to always look at the traffic light? :) Japan had a lot more of this, but the driving experience is definitely my favorite!

Friends!! - We were on a big tour then so we did end up having a number of new friends there - only very few of which i still recall. I know theres Hakata (my brother in real life) and Hakone (which I ended up being classmates with 5 years later) - someone we called Andre the Giant, a newly wed couple, and a nice girl with curly hair.

It was fun and an amazing experience! I wish I can sit here and tell you more as I recall them, but I got to run so maybe next time.

SOrry no pictures, it had been so old that finding the album alone will take time. hehe :)

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