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When I was a kid, I always say that the happiest day of my life will be the day that I am able to ride an airplane. :) I have no idea though - as kids - we always say what we want. :) When I was 9, my parents grant my wish come true on my first ever airplane ride and travel experience - they took me to Japan. It was definitely one of the greatests experience there is - one that I will always look back with happy thoughts even up to now. Japan will of course, be the measuring stick of all the travels that I have made and is still continue to make for the rest of my life.

I have been to several different countries after that - until i was in sixth grade (12). I watched the film "Alive" where the plane crashed and people survived had to eat each other just to get through another day. It was also the same day my dad was scheduled to come back home from a trip and I couldnt sleep all night until i make sure my dad was home safe. That show really did scare me to death - I was faced with the reality of the dangers of flying. I was a bit traumatized from then on and had refused to ride a plane whenever I can. I received offers from Family to go to the US, Canada, Taiwan, China etc all of which I had turned down and refused to go. This had went on for 7 years of not flying at all.

When I graduated from College - I feel that I had achieved a lot in my life and decided that I should move on and have a more mature view of travelling. I figured that I am already an adult and being scared of flying is just for kids. After graduation, I agreed to go with my friends to Thailand - it will be my first trip to break free from the trauma.

The trip was planned months ahead - but 3 days to my departure date - I was starting to have cold feet. I started to have goosebumps just imagining stepping to an airport. The fear is crippling me once again.

Being a Christian - this is my way of fortune telling. I took a devotional book and read through the days that  I will be travelling trying to look into the future of what God is going to reveal to me that day. Incidentally, a typhoon is forecasted on the day that I fly out - that doesnt help me at all! Reading through the days, a particular entry on the day of my fly back caught my eye. The title was "Certainty in Dying"!! I'm like - OH NO!!!! AM I GOING TO DIE???? Reading further - the story was about how death is moving on to a better life and meeting face to face with God. I felt that God was telling that IF I was going to Die, is it going to be so bad?? So I said - fine fine! :) Then I noticed that the devotional was for the previous year so I said - YES!! There's still hope for me!

So, I scrambled through our books and found the current year's devotional. On that very same day of my fly back - the story was about how one traveller was killed at the airport. :-S Geez God, am I really going to die as I move forward with overcoming my fear? But as I read through - the devotional reminded me of how real security is not about a nice new plane, a great pilot or a great weather. God reminded me that real security comes from Him and that I am just a subject to His will.

Funny how God did not confirm to me that I will be just fine - all He told me was that he is always in control no matter what. This very lesson alone had tought me to overcome my fear. I have been to more than 10 plane trips since then - using a whole unique variety of airplanes - and I had always survived. My dream of travelling was revived and now I am ready to take on the world! :)

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